7 Best Dating Sites in Calgary [2024]

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Calgary dating sites are a fantastic way to get to know other singles near you. These sites can help you plan casual dates or meet serious partners.

With that said, some Canadian dating sites have limited features, can be challenging to use, or just don’t have many members.

The best dating sites in Calgary will give you all the tools you need to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a fun fling, marriage, or something in between.

Read on to learn more about amazing sites that will help you to meet other singles in the Alberta area.

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What is the Best Calgary Dating Site?

There are many great sites to choose from, and the top choice will ultimately depend on the kind of service you’re interested in. All of these seven sites are great places to meet people.


1. eHarmony



eHarmony is a popular dating site aimed at Calgary singles looking for a committed, long-term relationship. The site is known for its matching system, which uses psychological profiling to show you partners that you’re actually compatible with.

When you use eHarmony, you’ll have access to filtering tools to help you find the type of matches you’re looking for. If you stumble upon a profile that looks interesting, you’ll instantly be able to see how compatible the two of you are.

eHarmony isn’t the best site for casual daters, but if you’re interested in marriage or want to build a lasting relationship, the site could potentially connect you with your life partner. In fact, there are millions of couples that have successfully found love via eHarmony!

Try eHarmony


2. Elite Singles


Elite Singles

On Elite Singles, over 80% of users have a college degree. While there are users in a variety of age groups, the site is especially popular with singles in their thirties. It’s a great way to meet educated, successful people that are after a serious relationship.

As you might expect from a site with a focus on academics, EliteSingles has an intelligent matchmaking system. Every day, you’ll be presented with some of your best matches. From there, it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to send messages and get to know the people you’ve been matched with.

If you’re an educated single in Calgary, and you’d like to date or network with people with a similar background, you’ll be impressed by the user base on EliteSingles. In addition to offering an educated dating pool, the site provides a variety of features that make the site easier to use.

Try Elite Singles


3. Zoosk



Zoosk is the perfect dating site for people that are tech-savvy and active on social media. In fact, one of the site’s founders used to work for NASA! With more than 40 million users in 80 different countries, it’s the ideal way to connect with other singles in Calgary.

When you use Zoosk, you’ll have access to a wide range of features designed to enhance your experience. This includes security features, a behavioral matchmaking system, and the ability to send gifts to users. You can filter by distance, appearance, and other factors to find great matches.

This is a feature-loaded dating site used by a wide range of people in different countries and age groups. It’s an excellent choice for casual relationships, serious dating, and even for people that want to make new friends in their area!

Try Zoosk


4. Silver Singles


Silver Singles

While there are plenty of great Calgary dating sites aimed at a young audience, there are also sites designed to help older users find love. Silver Singles is a dating site for singles 50 and older, and uses psychological testing to pair people with compatible singles in their preferred age range.

Not only can the site connect you with older singles, but it offers other tools that will help you on your journey to love. Once you complete your personality test, you’ll be able to see your results and learn more about what you really want from a future partner.

It can be hard for singles over 50 to meet people on some of the most popular dating sites. However, for older adults, SilverSingles is a great opportunity to get a second chance at finding romance.

Try Silver Singles


5. Christian Cafe


Christian Cafe

While you can find Christians in Calgary on many dating sites, only a handful of sites exclusively cater to Christians. One of these sites is Christian Cafe, which is made for members of the Christian faith that want serious relationships.

In addition to having a Christian pool of singles, the site offers filters that can help you meet people that share your values. You can search for members based on how often they attend church or their denominational preferences. You can also use the Quick Matches features to quickly see other singles in the area.

Christians who want to make a connection will appreciate the unique filter tools Christian Cafe offers. While this site has a smaller base of users than other, larger dating sites, it’s an excellent way to meet people who want the same things you do out of a relationship.

Try Christian Cafe


6. Seeking



On Seeking, users are encouraged to hold out for their perfect partner rather than settle for someone they’re not crazy about. This dating site aims to connect users with attractive and successful people who want the same things. It’s used by millions of singles worldwide and is popular in Alberta.

Seeking offers an array of features and allows you to filter by recent activity and see some of the most active users on the site. Unlike many dating sites, it has more female users than male users.

People who want to date up and find attractive partners will enjoy the base of users and features on Seeking. A variety of users uses the site, but it’s an especially good option for people that are interested in casual dating and hookups.

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7. Date My Age


Date My Age

Date My Age is a dating site that’s targeted toward older singles. As the name suggests, it’s a fantastic place to meet people your age, and it’s also a great option for younger singles interested in people in their 40s and up. It’s popular in countries all over the world, including Canada.

On DateMyAge, free members can interact with paid members if they meet certain activity requirements. Thanks to this, it’s easy to find people on the site that are interested in chatting. You can message people one-on-one or use the site’s chatrooms.

While DateMyAge doesn’t have the advanced matchmaking features that some other dating sites do, it offers a variety of socialization tools that can help you get to know other singles. For example, if you want to meet new people but are unsure what you want or who you’re looking for, you’ll find that DateMyAge is a terrific way to jump back into the dating pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best dating site for me in Calgary?

Choosing the best dating site in Calgary depends on your individual dating goals and preferences. The city’s vibrant dating scene offers a variety of online platforms, each with its own unique features and user base.

Start by assessing what you want from online dating. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony, known for its compatibility-based matching system, might be a good choice. For professionals seeking like-minded individuals, EliteSingles caters to that niche. If casual dating or friendships are more your speed, platforms like Tinder or Plenty of Fish may be more suitable.

Consider the user base of different dating sites in Calgary. Some platforms cater to specific age groups or interests, helping you find compatible matches more easily. It’s also worth checking out reviews and success stories from other Calgary singles who’ve used these platforms.

Lastly, remember that the goal is to move from online dating to start dating in the real world. So, take your time, be patient, and most importantly, enjoy the process. With the right approach, you’ll soon be part of Calgary’s exciting dating scene.

Do Calgary dating sites cater to specific age groups or interests?

Absolutely, dating sites calgary do cater to specific age groups and interests, making the process of finding a compatible partner much easier. The vibrant online dating scene in Calgary provides an array of platforms designed to meet the diverse needs of its residents.

For instance, websites like EliteSingles target professionals seeking connections with like-minded individuals. This platform is particularly popular among individuals who are in their 30s and 40s. On the other hand, eHarmony is known for its compatibility-based matching system, catering to those looking for long-term relationships across various age groups.

Regardless of the online dating site you choose, remember the importance of making a good first impression. Your profile should accurately reflect your personality and interests, which can help attract potential matches that align with what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re embarking on your first date or seeking a long-term partner, the diverse range of online dating sites in Calgary caters to a variety of age groups and interests, ensuring everyone can find their perfect match.

Bottom Line


Woman using a dating site

If you’re single, living in Calgary, Alberta, and looking for love, dating apps are the way to go!

Sure, approaching someone out of the blue on the street or at a bar might be romantic, but it’s also quite intimidating. Dating apps eliminate that anxiety and give you plenty of time - behind a screen - to get to know people better before deciding whether or not to take the plunge.

You can chat at your leisure rather than having one stressful conversation after another. It’s also an efficient way of finding what you’re looking for since dating apps match people with similar interests.

From swiping right on casual flings to finding “the one,” dating apps can help make your search for romance easier, faster, and less intimidating.

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