5 Best Places to Sell Gemstones for Cash [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 9, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Trying to locate gem buyers online is not always a straightforward task. Choosing the right company to assess and purchase your gems can be challenging and risky without a little research.

Reviews, testimonials, and industry knowledge are critical to getting a fair price when selling your gemstones.

In this article, we reveal the best places to sell your gemstones for cash online or near you.

Where to Sell Gemstones

Here is our list of the top five online gemstone buyers:

1. Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is a reputable buyer to consider when selling your jewelry if you are looking for quick cash for your fine jewelry. They make the entire process fast, simple, and straightforward. Simply mail in your jewelry, receive an offer, and you’ll be paid within 24 hours if you accept.


  • Choose the shipping option that’s most convenient for you. You can choose USPS or FedEx when printing the label right at home.
  • Feel confident sending your valuable gems in the mail knowing there is automatic $5,000 insurance on FedEx pieces that are shipped, with insurance for up to $100,000 if necessary.
  • Once your pieces arrive, they will be appraised by certified technicians, and you will receive an offer right away.
  • Fast payment - If you agree to the offered amount, you will be paid within 24 hours via PayPal, bank wire, or check.
  • No risk to you - if you don’t like their offer, no problem. Cash for Gold will mail back your jewelry at no cost to you.

What Cash for Gold USA does best:

Cash For Gold USA takes the hassle out of selling your jewelry for cash. This is an excellent option for someone who wants to sell their gold quickly and conveniently.

Sell Your Gemstones with Cash for Gold USA

2. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is a luxury marketplace that has been around for almost three hundred years! They specialize in high-quality luxury jewelry and seek out unique and antique pieces. Sotheby’s can help you sell your high-end gemstones in a variety of ways.


  • They offer free estimates online by submitting photos of your gemstones. This tool will indicate whether or not Sotheby’s is interested in purchasing your piece.
  • Sotheby’s works with you to determine the best strategy to sell your gemstones - auction, private sale, or their online marketplace.
  • You can schedule an in-person appointment with a luxury specialist to discuss your piece or arrange to ship the item to them.

What Sotheby’s does best:

Allowing Sotheby’s to sell your jewelry means you will get access to a worldwide network of buyers specifically looking for high-quality jewelry, and your gemstones will be sold where the demand is high.

Sotheby’s is suitable for you if you have high-quality gemstones to sell and want an expert with years of experience to help you get a fair price.

Sell Your Gemstones with Sotheby’s

3. Circa

If you want to sell your gemstones for cash, Circa can help you get top dollar without the hassle of an auction.

Circa eliminates the middle man of auctions, helping you get immediate cash for your gemstones and crystals.


  • Schedule an online appointment with an expert trained specialist or visit in person - they have 19 locations throughout the US and worldwide. These specialists are willing to accommodate your needs and schedule a time that is convenient for you.
  • Your gemstones and crystals will be examined thoroughly during the appointment to get the best offer.
  • Once they have appraised your items, expect to receive an offer for your pieces. The offer will be explained in detail, so you understand what contributes to the offer you receive.
  • Get paid right away upon accepting the offer. Cash payments are made by check or bank transfer. If you are planning to buy more jewelry, you can opt to take your payment in a gift card for 10%-20% above the value of your gemstone.

What Circa does best:

Circa has over twenty years of experience helping people sell their gemstones for cash. They have an expert team of educated and experienced specialists. With Circa, you can sell your gemstones quickly and with little hassle.

Sell Your Gemstones with Circa

4. The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury resale site with a socially conscious heart. The RealReal makes it easy for you to sell your gemstones or other luxury items.

They believe that high-quality jewelry is meant to last a lifetime, and their mission is to “Extend the Life of Luxury”.


  • To sell your gemstones with The RealReal, you can mail them in, drop them off, or have them picked up at your home.
  • The RealReal will appraise your piece and list it for sale on their platform. Buyers browse the site and can purchase in the online marketplace.
  • You’ll receive payment of up to 85% of the sale price right away after your gemstones sell. Most items sell within 30 days.
  • The RealReal works toward reducing its environmental impact by offsetting its carbon footprint. They have even teamed with Gucci to plant one tree for every Gucci item sold on their platform.

What The RealReal does best:

The RealReal is the perfect place to sell your gemstones if you want to work with a socially and environmentally conscious company. Selling your gemstones with The RealReal will help contribute to the mission of extending the life of luxury, and you can reduce your carbon footprint while earning cash for your gemstones.

Sell Your Gemstones with The RealRealGemstone FAQs

What are the most expensive gemstones?

Various factors contribute to the value of a gemstone, including its rarity, color, cut, and size. Here is a list of the most common gemstone values:

  • Alexandrite (1ct): $1000-$1250
  • Amethyst (1ct): $350-$750
  • Aquamarine (1ct): $500-$750
  • Blue Sapphire (1ct): $500-$2000
  • Citrine (1ct): $500-$1000
  • Garnet (1ct): $350-$750
  • Green Emerald (1ct): $350-$5000
  • Green Sapphire (1ct): $500-$1200
  • Moissanite (1ct): $500-$750
  • Morganite (1ct): $500-$750
  • Peridot (1ct): $250-$500
  • Pink Sapphire (1ct): $500-$2000
  • Red Ruby (1ct): $350-$7000
  • Spinel (1ct): $750-$3000
  • Tanzanite (1ct): $1250-$1750
  • Topaz (1ct): $350-$500
  • Tourmaline (1ct): $750-$1000

How much is a gemstone worth?

Gemstones come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, and their value can vary significantly based on these factors. However, certain gems are notoriously valuable due to their rarity or difficulty obtaining them.

For example, red diamonds are some of the most valuable in the world due to their extreme rarity. Similarly, large emeralds can also be extremely expensive, as they are often hard to find.

Other gemstones that typically command high prices include rubies, sapphires, and opals. While the price of a particular gem can vary depending on its quality and size, these gemstones are typically among the most expensive on the market.

What’s the difference between Precious stones vs Semiprecious tones?

The terms “precious” and “semiprecious” stones have been used for decades to describe certain minerals that have been valued for their beauty and prestige. However, there are no scientific or definitive criteria for classifying a stone as precious or semiprecious.

In general, the term “precious” is used to describe those stones that are rarer and more valuable, such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

The term “semiprecious” is typically used to describe stones that are more common and less valuable, such as amethysts, opals, and turquoise.

However, there has been a trend toward using the term “gemstone” to describe all minerals that are valued for their beauty, regardless of their rarity or value.

Are there certifications I should obtain before selling my gemstones?

Before selling your gemstones, obtaining certain certifications can enhance the credibility of your products and increase their market value. When dealing with precious gemstones, such as those used in gemstone jewelry or even loose gemstones, certifications can provide proof of the stones' authenticity, quality, and origin, which are crucial factors for buyers.

For precious stones and colored stones, consider certifications from reputable gemological institutes such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), or the American Gem Society (AGS). These certifications can verify various attributes of the gemstones, including their type, grade, and any treatments they have undergone.

Certifications not only add value but also build trust with potential buyers who may be concerned about the authenticity and ethical sourcing of the gemstones. This is particularly important if you plan to sell high-value items like gemstone jewelry or precious stones, where buyers expect high standards of proof concerning the quality and origin of the stones.

In summary, obtaining certifications from recognized gemological institutes can significantly benefit your business by providing necessary assurances to your customers, thereby helping you establish a reputable and trustworthy brand in the market for precious gemstones.

What factors affect the price of a gemstone?

Several factors can significantly affect the price of a gemstone, whether it is intended for use in gemstone jewelry, as loose gemstones, or in other forms. Here are some key elements to consider:

Type of Gemstone: The variety of the gemstone plays a crucial role. Precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds typically command higher prices than semi-precious gemstones due to their rarity and demand.

Quality and Grade: The quality of the gemstone, including its clarity, color, and carat (weight), heavily influences its price. Higher clarity and more intense, desirable colors fetch higher prices. The weight of the stone also scales up its value significantly.

Cut and Shape: Faceted stones, which are cut and polished to enhance their brilliance and color, are usually more expensive than rough gemstones. The skill and artistry involved in cutting gemstones into beautiful shapes contribute to the cost, especially if the cut maximizes the stone’s aesthetic appeal and minimizes flaws.

Treatment: Gemstones often undergo treatments to enhance their color and clarity. Treated stones are generally less valuable than untreated, natural stones of the same type and quality because the treatment can affect their authenticity and longevity.

Provenance: The origin of the gemstone can also affect its price. Stones from famous or historically significant sources can be more expensive due to their perceived rarity and quality.

Market Availability: The availability of certain types of gemstones in the market can also impact prices. Rarer stones tend to be more expensive due to limited supply.

Retail and Location Factors: Prices can vary significantly between retail stores and local stores. Overheads, the location of the store, the local economy, and the target market can all influence the retail price of gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

Understanding these factors can help both buyers and sellers navigate the complex pricing landscape of gemstones, whether they are shopping for faceted stones, considering the purchase of loose gemstones, or evaluating semi-precious gemstones in various markets.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about selling your gemstone, you might be tempted to sell it to a pawn shop, but we recommend that you sell it to one of our recommended buyers. Here’s why:

First, the buyers in this list are experts in the field of gemstones. Then, they will be able to evaluate your stone and give you a fair price.

Second, they are reputable and trustworthy businesses. You will receive payment promptly and that they will handle your transaction professionally.

Finally, by selling to one of our recommended buyers, you can be sure that your stone will find a good home.

So if you’re considering selling your gemstone, we hope you’ll consider one of these websites listed above.

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