White Butterfly Meaning & Spiritual Symbolism

by Ryan Hart | Updated on July 16, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

White Butterfly

Wondering what it means when you see a white butterfly?

Here’s the deal:

White butterflies carry special messages that you might not be aware of.

That’s why I’m excited to reveal the three spiritual meanings I discovered in my research.

Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to share the most common signs from heaven that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Ready to learn more about butterfly symbolism?

Let’s get started!

What Does it Mean When You See a White Butterfly?

Butterflies are symbolic of transformation and hope.

Just like butterflies, we also go through change or transformation in our lives.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV) reminds us that “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

A butterfly goes through a very unique transformation during its life span called metamorphosis.

First, it begins as an egg, which grows into a caterpillar. Then the caterpillar wraps itself in a hard outer shell called a chrysalis. Finally, it emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

Isn’t that amazing?

As you can see, butterflies are a magical creature created by God.

So, when you see a white butterfly, pay very close attention. This is a very important spiritual message sent just for you.

Here are 3 spiritual meanings of seeing a white butterfly:

You Are About to Start a New Chapter

Woman sitting with luggage

Seeing a white butterfly is likely a sign that you are about to start a new chapter in your life.

For some of you, this may be a surprise. Especially if everything is going great in your life.

But for others, you may welcome this change in your life. You might be thinking to yourself: “It’s about time for a change around here. Hallelujah!”

Change can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You may experience an improvement in your health, relationships, or finances.

Is there something you have been praying for, but have not yet received?

Seeing a white butterfly could be a response to your prayers.

The Bible reminds us that God has plans for all of us: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11 ESV).

A Sign From Heaven

White angel wing feathers

To some, a white butterfly is considered to be a message from heaven. If you have recently lost someone close to you, this could be a sign that they are thinking of you.

Angels are sent by God to deliver messages (Luke 1:19). If a white butterfly lands on you or flies around you, that is a very positive sign.

While we cannot communicate with our loved ones in heaven, we may still receive messages from God. Seeing a white butterfly can be caused by your recent thoughts or prayers about someone that has passed away.

Take hope in the fact that your loved ones are still in your life, even in such a small way.

When you see a white butterfly, it should put a smile on your face and give your comfort.

You Are a Perfectionist

Minimalist bedroom decor

It is no secret that you hold yourself and others to very high standards. Some of your friends or family members might even call you a perfectionist.

You believe that Matthew 5:48 (KJV) is a great motto to live by: “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

That means you refuse to accept any result unless it is as good as can be. Whatever you put your mind to should be free from any flaws and should be extremely accurate.

For example, it might bother you when you find spelling or grammar mistakes in articles, social media posts, and text messages.

So when you see a white butterfly, this could be a sign that God sees your good work.

While you may not be perfect at all times, you always give your best effort. Ecclesiastes 7:20 (ESV) reminds us that: “Surely there is not a righteous man on earth who does good and never sins.”

Common Types of White Butterflies

White butterflies are often called garden whites or cabbages whites. Hundreds of species have been identified, but some of the most common ones you might see in the United States, Canada or Europe include the Large White, Small White, Mustard White, or Orange-tip.

Names of White Butterflies:

  • Large White (Pieris brassicae)
  • Small White (Pieris rapae)
  • Mustard White (Pieris oleracea)
  • Orange-tip (Anthocharis cethura)

It is rare to find a white butterfly that is purely white. If a butterfly lands on you, pay close attention to its markings and colors.

Some butterflies have black marks on their wingtips or along the outer edge of the wing.

You may also see white butterflies with grey or orange wingtips. Mustard whites have green or yellow markings on their wings.

Not all white butterflies are alike, which makes them so beautiful. But they all carry positive spiritual messages.

15 Signs From Heaven That a Deceased Loved One is Still With You

Here are the 15 most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you:

1. Feathers on the Ground

The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven.

2. Finding Pennies and Dimes

One way that a deceased loved one might send you a sign is by placing pennies, dimes or quarters on the ground in front of you. I like to call them “pennies from heaven” and they are a special way to remember loved ones that have passed away.

Click here to see the entire list of signs from heaven

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you ever had a white butterfly land on you?

What do you think it means when you see white butterflies?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw a white butterfly? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Irene Accad
I saw 10 mins ago that’s I search for the meaning.
Jeremy g
This morning I was laying down outside this libery and a white butterfly was flying around me then I went inside iam writing a fourth step in aa so I came out for a break and there goes the butterfly while reading about them it flew on my leg then it flew away Iam just coming back from an overdose were my heart stop and my breathing by the work of emts and doctors i was brought back ever since then everything has changed for the good in my life i know God is everything or he's nothing .
Perpetual Amponsah
I saw a white butterfly in my room just last Sunday,it came and landed on my forehead,as I was looking for something to kill it,it came on my forehead again , After I didn’t see the butterfly again .
today while i was at softball tryouts for my new highschool team a white butterfly landed on my pants and wouldn’t come off. sadly it fell off because we were doing defense and it laid there for a bit but when i finished i went back to see if i could move it somewhere better and it was gone. i thought i killed it haha
This is my first time seeing a white butterfly this morning when I was hanging out my washing
I just saw two butterflies flying together in my yard, so beautiful! One is always in my yard every year 💕
I see white butterflies all the time in my neighborhood. In fact that’s the only color butterflies I’ve seen. Usually in pairs
I see them every day, multiple times a day and they always put a smile on my face. :)
Nji noel
These past days I've being seeing white butterfly even when am out of town I do,i have being on same job for 5years with a little pay package hoping I get something better,Two days ago a friend called me about a job in a far away town though the pay package isn't that much I feel like I should take it cause I need a change but m scared.Thinking about seing these butterfly constantly m thinking maybe God wants me to change my environment and start over
Sharon Potts
I had 2 small white butterflies in my house this weekend ! First one I caught , and let it go out my front door ! Second one the very next day , looked like the same small white butterfly from the day before , and I let it go out my backdoor ! My daughter goes today to her doctor for her 8 week checkup to see if baby has a heartbeat ! Has had miscarriages in the past , and has gone before in the past with other pregnancies and heard no heartbeat ! I’m seeing the white butterflies as a sign all is good with her and the baby ! Your thoughts and prayers please
My yard has around 100 all this week
Hardin Genita
The first time I saw a Butterfly.. was in my dream.The second time was in my front yard.My Nefhew and I were playing outside and we saw a little white Butterfly . Now I see her every year along with a medium Brown one and that was 5yrs ago see them every year. I lost my Mother when she came back to me in my dream and she is still here today watching and covering our family she’s was always there for the whole family and she was a Good Person and thank you for this amazing message this morning I really needed this 🙏🏾😇🥰
Kate T
I have had several dreams of white butterfly’s flying around me. In my left hand is a black square tube about 30 cm long. I have been praying for healing of my back and for all my family to accept the Lord in their lives. Thank you
Im in the desert working direct sunlight, i went on the tree were name i dont know, i stay for a while and pray after i pray i go back to my service vehicle and suddenly a white small butterfly cross in the front of me and pay attention and ask myself what the meaning of this can you give some facts about this.
Serene Tacani
It was only this morning while watering my ornamental plants, a white butterfly fluttered around my bamboo plant. It lightened my spirit and somehow put a smile on my face. After reading your article sharing a message of hope, it reminded me of the financial challenges we are into at the moment. Yes, I am personally hopeful for an answered prayer. God is good all the time I know. Thank you very much. God bless!
Saw a white butterfly while sitting at the river bank w my boyfriend. We were discussing what we want n expect of each other. Saying we are gonna grow old together. This butterfly just came n circle around us for a bit.
I have experienced many times what has happened maybe an hour or less ago... A white butterfly approaches, very near to my head... enough to grab my attention and take my breath away.. floats & flutters once around me then up my garden and back again.. stays for a few seconds and flies back over the opposite way it came from :) I believe it to be a change in life as well as messages from those whom have passed. I love it every single time it happens!
I was at the beach and a white butterfly flew onto the side of my face! I have heard butterflies are a sign recently passed love ones are thinking of you. ❤️
Sherry Mastromarino
I did a prayer today for my stimulator to be authorized quick so it can be done and Marc and I could be together and after I got off the phone a white butterfly flew right on my deck flying around for like 5 min and then left
Eazy E
Yesterday, June 28 2021. I was in my vehicle stopped at a red light (during my Uber drive) and a white butterfly flew into the vehicle. It landed for a sec on the middle of the dashboard and fluttered again and flew out before the light turned green. I am not sure whether my Uber backseat passengers noticed or not. My response was “oh wow.”
Lisa wilcox
I'm seeing them daily, over month now. In my yard,then they fallow, and circle me till yardwork done. My husband had a stroke in April, the day of stroke son had big green butterfly land on him. Is any thing connected?
I just diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer every time I seat by my living room window there this small white butterfly comes flying around my widow Then one day I took my dog out for a walk the butterfly came around me, then towards me then he flew away! I was scared. Then the next day it happened again! I always loved butterflies why do you think this is happening? Thank you.
Ryan Hart
I am so sorry to hear about your breast cancer. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe white butterflies are a message about hope from God and a reminder to have faith. Isn't that encouraging?
The white butter fly flew gently around me till it wanted to land on my hand, I panicked and mistakenly chased it away.
Ryan Hart
Yesterday, when I was cleaning our yard, a white butterfly flew in front of me. I saw his purely white and small size. I'm wondering what thus it mean. While my wee pussy cat chasing it away and I laughed on it and I feel comfort with that white butterfly.
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing. Isn't it comforting that God is reminding us to have hope when we see a white butterfly?
Stella Castro
wow..this was so nice to read. I dreamed I saw a large sac filled with small black bean shaped eggs from which many many white butterflies were hatching from and flying all around. It was beautiful
Ryan Hart
What a beautiful dream! You are very blessed.
Actually today it did. It flew over me and it brought me a smile I found it cute. I also believe is something good. Being going through a lot of struggles spiritually and been having battles after battles. It gave me a sense of hope.
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing. Your comment brought me a smile also. 😇
Oracle Laura
A small mint greenish white butterfly or moth landed on my office patio glass sliding door today (June 23, 2020) to face me at my office desk & has remained there all day & not moved for over 6 hours. What does it mean? (If you know me then you'll know it must mean something very spiritual.) I took pictures of it. Oracle Laura
Ryan Hart
Yes, that does sound like a very spiritual message! It could be a sign that you are about to start a new chapter in your life. Isn't that exciting?
16 years ago i lost my grandfather, he passed away 8 days before i was born so i never met him, my family sais that whenever we see a white butterfly its my grandfather lurking around and watching us, earlier i passed by my door and saw a white butterfly on my window so i let it in and a little while after it landed on my finger, i believe it was my grandfather watching over me and came to say hello
Ryan Hart
Seeing a white butterfly is a beautiful way to be reminded of your grandfather. Thank you for sharing that story. God bless.
I often have beautiful white moths in my room. Does anyone know why?
I have not had white butterfly land on me. But they fly around my house and porch, they make me smile and happy when I see them. Just like your article has. Thank You! Maranatha!
Ryan Hart
Thank you for the kind words, Larry. May God bless you.
I feel the lord is sending me a message and I feel such Peace when I see a white butterfly. They are so beautiful.
Ryan Hart
Yes, they are so peaceful and beautiful. You are very blessed to receive this message from the Lord. 🦋✨
My 39 year old son passed away suddenly in January of this year. I have been devastated with the "what if's" and "should of's". I have been praying for signs. There has been a small pure white butterfly in my yard while I am outside watering flowers in the last few weeks. I was so excited to read this article about white butterflies, as my son knew how much I like butterflies. When my mom passed away 2 years ago I saw a yellow butterfly around my yard that entire summer. I told my son it was a sign from my mom, so my son knew the special meaning. Thank you for providing this information.
Ryan Hart
Hi Jennifer, I am sorry to hear about losing your son. I will keep you in my prayers. Seeing a white butterfly is a beautiful way to remember your son and know he is watching over you. 😇
The white butterfly landed on my shoulder and then flew away, I tried to catch it but it was too late. I think it was a sign to let go and move on.
Ryan Hart
Isn't it amazing how God is always guiding us in the right direction? 🙂
Ayana Jasmin
A year ago, I was very close to my grandpa's cousin, He recently passed away and I always think about him when I pass by his house because he is a gardener and a farmer. We would grab veggies and fruits always and milk the cows and it is just really, really, sad to know that he passed. And then several days ago, While I was walking through a park, I saw a small white butterfly flying around me and it followed me everywhere. I told myself that this might be him but as a butterfly and it gave me happiness and comfort knowing that he is happy in heaven!
Ryan Hart
I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your grandpa's cousin. I will keep you in my prayers. What a beautiful way to remember him each time you see a white butterfly! Thank you for sharing. 😇
I been seen white butterfly in the past few days, two of them and they are small white butterfly, my dog Mia passed away on 4/19 this year, I was devastated and broken hearted, I have her for 12 years, I missed her so much I lost 8 pounds, I cry day and night, then my Mia keep on send me signs, first was she passed away on midnight, 17 minutes, that is 12/17, that is my birthday, December, 17th, if we add 1 and 2 is 3, then if we add 1 and 7, that is 8, if we add 3 and 8 equal to 11, is it Angel 11? Means love, bond? Then, I was able to collect her remaining fur at my front yard, I placed the fur to a small bag, what I surprised was the fur formatted itself to Mia’s body shape, have two ears, two legs, tail and just look like Mia, then, 4/28, I took a photo my husband’s birthday at the home, at the right side top corner from the photo has a white two legs shape as two legs floating there, then, the tomb I buried Mia have two wind mills I placed on each time when I visited her, when I told her how much I lived her, the wind mills turning as a response to my words, then, I found our photo that has two 11 gold lights on me and Mia’s photo that was not existed before, then, I saw white butterfly recently, every day for continue three days, is the Mia gave me a sign she is rebirth? Is she going to do reincarnation back to me? I carry her fur go to work each day, I placed it next to my heart at bed time, I constantly miss her and told her how much I miss her I asked her please cane back to me, please gave me sign where I can pick you up? I constant pray to God possible bring Mia to my life, I do not want other dog I only want Mia back to my life, is it possible God sent in white butterfly is that means Mia is re birth back to me??
Ryan Hart
Hi Lina, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dog Mia. I will keep you in my prayers. Thinking about her each time you see a white butterfly is a beautiful way to keep her in your heart. I believe you are receiving this sign as a positive message from God about hope. May God bless you. 🙏
thank you for the meaning of the white butterfly, I recently lost my dear brother like 3 months ago and this is the 2nd time a small white butterfly appears inside the house while I'm doing dishes...i deeply believe its my brother R.I.P that comes to visit me we were separated for many years and never had the chance to reunited again only tru calls and video but I missed him so much when he got killed we cremated him and I have his ashes in the house with me , ever since the butterfly appears i always talk to him and let him know that I love him and miss him and thank you for visiting me to pls come back again..😪🙏❤ then I let the butterfly go is it alright what I'm asking or should I let his spirit rest in peace... pls help
Ryan Hart
Hi Erica, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. Thinking about your brother each time you see a white butterfly is a beautiful way to remember him. I will keep you in my prayers. 😪🙏❤
While taking mom's wheelchair out of the van, I was startled. What I thought to be a piece of tissue popped up towards my face; turned out to be a nice sized white butterfly. It quickly fluttered around my face and lands on my arm. Surprised and startled, my whole body shook; the butterfly flew off my arm. I left the van door and windows open so it could fly away, while I secured mom to her door. On my way home the same butterfly was still in my van fluttering around my right shoulder and behind my head. Later that night I asked a couple of people and looked up white butterflies, thinking it was a sign. I'm having many medical issues and can no longer walk straight or perform my job duties. I assist my mom and other seniors with needed tasks and errands. Mom and I are also dealing with her failing health. Add the fact that doctors say she may have only a few months. Mom is winning the battle with lupus each day God wakes her. However, each day is getting harder to win. Soon, lupus will win the battle; but mom will win the war by going home into her Father's arms. My feelings are mixed. -How will I provide for my family, -How will I fill mom's days with needs and happiness, -What new career / job am I able to do? My days are filled with tears, uncertainty, prayers, and thankfulness.
Ryan Hart
Hi Venus, I believe seeing a white butterfly is a very positive message from God about hope and faith. It could be a sign that a new chapter in your life is about to begin. I will keep you and your mother in my prayers. May God bless you. 🙏❤
Marlene Johnson
After doing my Morning Devotion I sit in silence. Then I look up and to my amazement I see a white butterfly. This has happened several times this week even when I'm out walking. I know God is sending me a message,because I've be in deep prayers for years and months. This is an answer to a prayer. Amen
Ryan Hart
Isn't it amazing how God answers our prayers in the most beautiful ways? You are very blessed! ❤
Tammy woodworth
Me and my grandkids was out by their pool and a white butterfly flu around us and I knew it was a message from God
Ryan Hart
What a beautiful message from God. You are very blessed! 🙏❤
Most days I see white butterflies in my garden. I always think of my mom when I see one. She passed away 3 years ago and she loved to garden also. She lived with us and I have been replanting in the yard , I like to think that she is happy with what we've been doing here in the garden.
Ryan Hart
I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. I will keep you in my prayers. Thinking about your mom each time you see a white butterfly in the garden is a beautiful way to keep her memory in your heart. ❤
Today, Saturday July 11, 2020, while sitting in my car I notice something on my nose and I thought it was a piece of white tissue because when I sweat I wipe my face with white tissue. When I touch my nose it was a white butterfly on my nose, it then flew out the car window and land on the side of my car door. All along I pray to become WEALTHY, HEALTHY, NEW LIFE, NEW HOUSE, NEW LIFE CHANGES, NEW VEHICLE, NEW CAREER, NEW RELATIONSHIP THAT ONLY GOD CAN SEND. My ex-husband committed adultery and infidelity on our marriage after 27 years. He left us broke, abandoned, and homeless. We are no longer homeless we live in an apartment. Yet I still pray for wealth, new health, new life new relationship, new house, new car ECT. I believe in my heart before that butterfly landed on my nose that SOMETHING HUGE, HUGE BLESSING, GREAT WEALTH, AND LIFE CHANGING IS COMING BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR 2020
Ryan Hart
Hi Janice, I'm sorry to hear about the struggles you have been put through. God has great plans for you! It sounds like seeing a white butterfly is a positive message from God that a new chapter in your life is about to begin. May you receive God's blessings. 🙏❤
Eliza Ramos
Thank you for such an insightful and strong interpretation of white butterflies. Since Last fall 2019, I realized the abundance of white butterflies around me. I see them everywhere I go. Mainly always white - when I travel - in the last couple months I’ve seen them in Washington, DC- Miami FL, and everywhere I look in NY. I can be simply looking out a window - and I see them - many times in 2’s. I’ve never realized how common they are, maybe not for all, However I feel very blessed to notice them. I do feel it’s a beautiful sign🙏🏽 Thank you again
Ryan Hart
What a beautiful sign from God. You are very blessed! 🙏❤
dawn parry
For some reason I was drawn to walk with my dog up to a field, I sat down and to my amazement the field was full of white butterflies. I tried to take a picture but none showed up on the picture I taken. I stayed for a while mesmerised by the beautiful butterflies flying around. I feel very peaceful and will visit there again soon. 🦋
Ryan Hart
That sounds like a wonderful place to sit and receive a message from God
Andrea Abbotts
I recently lost my mother. Since then, there have been 2 white butterflies flying around her rose bushes and her front door. Also, I find pennies on the floor. Are these from her?
Ryan Hart
I’m so sorry for your loss. I believe the white butterflies are a message from God, reminding you that your mom is watching down on you from heaven.
I saw a white medium size butterfly while swimming in the water at the beach. I found it so weird to see one there. It was yesterday.
Ryan Hart
What a special place to see a white butterfly? Do you think God was recognizing you for your good work and accomplishments?
Mari Zsigo
Today my handyman was here to do a few things for me. I have a new garage thanks to the landlord behind me who dismissed my concerns for two years. Two trees and a telephone pole crashed. One in the area twenty seconds before I had been talking with a neighbor. My great-grandfather died from a tree landing on him. He was a lumberjack in Hungary. Today I while looking at what was all growing behind the new garage my handyman pointed out the blackberry bush and Mulberry tree. My grandparents from Hungary planted many blackberry bushes in the front lawn between the trees. My aunt who'd come and stay there after they passed (I don't remember them. I was only two) would give me a bowl and say if I picked a whole bowl she'd make me a blackberry pie. That became my favorite, blackberry pie warm out of the oven with ice cream.
Ryan Hart
Mari, thank you for sharing your story, what a lovely memory of your family.
We just sold our house and we’re having trouble getting it closed it’s been very upsetting the last weeks. I have been seeing white butterflies out RV window a big one and smaller ones flying around as we are sitting out in the forest at our campsite. I always smile when I see them and I feel that they are good luck and have a meaning to why I see them. I feel that everything is going to come out OK along with all my prayers. I m so glad I found this.
Ryan Hart
That sounds like it must be a very stressful situation you are in. I’m glad to hear that the white butterflies were able to bring you some peace. I will pray for you that the sale of your home goes through without more added stress.
I make a wish to my clover plan and then the white butter fly arounds me.. What's the meaning of that? Thank you! GOD BLESS...
I've just been to cemetery with a friend. While I was doing the flowers a white butterflie came, my friend said look he's come to say hi. I said what do you mean she said white butterflies mean sprites are near you then there was 2 then 3 in end there was about 5 she said there all coming have to say there are 9 in the same grave. Have to say it really lifted me I've not seen any before 😊
I have experienced many Monarch Butterflies within the past years. Had one that came by sat on my shoulder. Two days ago a small pure white butterfly sat on my shoulder! Totally amazes me. We have deep sky lights underneath our patio cover. I’ve gently helped them fly away. They get confused circle inside towards the little coming through. I’m so relieved when I take gentle broom convince them to hop aboard! Then I gently release them into my backyard. I often think my Dad started sending me the Monarch’s. Noticed we had many flying through after he passed. The white one surprise me. It was so soft, not scared of me landed nearby on a bird feeder on my table. Closed it’s little wings and rested! Wow! Made my day! ❤️🦋
Yes I have a white butterfly that come on our patio everyday at the same time. Its lingers around for like 5 mins and leaves. And then it goes to.the front of the house and it Flies by our windows. It does put a smile on my face and it's very comforting. My auntie passed away from breast cancer last year. And I was pregnant and she was so excited but she didn't get to meet our baby gal Rainbow. I like to believe its her coming to check on us. And also lost our nephew 3yrs ago and again I was pregnant then and he passed i month before my baby was born. We were real close and I miss him dearly. I believe he comes around as well. He was only 9yrs old when he passed away on Christmas day.
Ryan Hart
I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that you are able to have moments of peace and comfort when you see the white butterflies.
Akira Wells
Both my brothers pasted mysteriously either by their own hand or by murder within a year of each other . I don't know I'm sorry hi there Akira is my name. I just recently move back to California from Colorado and since then I have seen nothing but white butterflies around me and wondered their meaning. So it brings me Comfort to know that they may be okay in the afterlife , thank you for the information.
Ryan Hart
Akita, what a terrible tragedy to lose both of your brothers. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad to hear that the white butterflies visit you and bring comfort when remembering your brothers.
Yesterday night after my prayers to God to lift me to abundant place,I saw a white butterfly and other butterfly in my room,I felt the angel's present and prayed again, Then today thus morning I saw that same white butterfly seems like dying to me,lying on the floor I took it up and was worried,I kept it by my window side to receive enough breath and sun from the sky,but after few minutes of touching it and looking close to the colour it has,it flew high up and I was over joyed thus morning .
Ryan Hart
What a special interaction you have had with white butterflies. You must be very blessed!
Yusuf shaffi
I just saw a small pure white butterfly just now and it a second time seeing it then i just saw another one that it is big seems white n seems yellow,and i felt happy, after reading your meanings i had goosebumps n wanted to cry cause im facing hard times recently. Im soo grateful for your meanings it helps alot 🥰❤🥺💘
Ryan Hart
I’m so glad that you were able to find meaning in the white butterflies you saw. I believe positive changes are coming soon in your life. I will keep you in my prayers.
Linzy allison
I lost my son to a very brutal knife crime 5 months ago through no fault of his own he was only 18 and an absolutely beautiful boy with a heart of gold a white butterfly comes into my garden most days and flies very close to me I like to believe it's my beautiful boy sending me his love and showing me he is still with me what do u think thankyou x
Linzy allison
I lost my son to a very brutal knife crime 5 months ago through no fault of his own he was only 18 and an absolutely beautiful boy with a heart of gold a white butterfly comes into my garden most days and flies very close to me I like to believe it's my beautiful boy sending me his love and showing me he is still with me what do u think thankyou x
Ryan Hart
I too believe it is your son coming to visit you. What a beautiful way to keep him close to your heart. I am so sorry for your loss, the loss of a child is truly the worst kind.
For some reason every day at work when we go out to the play space there’s a white butterfly that flies around the play space and tends to fly close to me and it happens every day without fail
I've recently seen alot of white butterflies in my yard. They fly around me when im in my yard. I get a positive feeling when they fly around me.
Salem Udoh
At fellowship this evening a white butterfly appeared in the alter and flew and disappeared into the congregation. I and a little boy saw it.
Nora Cruz
For the past 3 or 4 days I've been seeing the same small white butterfly. Today I was working by the water and I saw the butterfly. I smiled. My uncle passed away recently, he was a great man and Pastor. I feel like it's him. Also I've been going through big changes but good. Life has been getting better.
Patricia Rice
Yes, I have seen and all white butterfly, and I thought how beautiful it was. I just recently saw a Black butterfly chase my daughter and then flew away.
Hi, I am seeing lots of white butterflies from my back deck, I do feel special and blessed but am confused on the meaning of me seeing them. I also see crows too, and tiny ants All spiritual animals, I feel something big is happening just not sure what, any thoughts? Thank you!
today while out walking 3 white butterflies flew beside me along the road they were so beautiful, 2 years ago I lost my 23 year old son in a car accident and he is buried with my mom and dad, I felt like they were with me as I walked along.
I have started seeing white butterflies in daily basis, literally..! I was in a webinar today and I noticed two of them flowing together in my garden? Isn't it amazing? I closed a chapter in my career recently and it leads me to believe that the message is one of hope: let go of the old and embrace whatever new comes along your way, life is beautiful, be light like a butterfly, move on and enjoy the ride. Wow! It just flew again right now that I am writing this message!
Carolyn Henley
Every time I'm outside there is 1-2 butterflies flying around me non has landed on me yet but fly around me head and body
About a week ago in my back yard white butterfly cam toward me than turned and made complete circle around me. Could this be beloved husbands spiri? I looked one website and it said this is a sign of death. I felt comfort this happened but also consernd about my life.Please help me.
Kelli Saylor
I believe white butterflies are a symbol of a Loved One who has passed away coming to you letting you know they're ok and they're always by your side. I played a song from my husband who passed away in March, a white butterfly appeared out of nowhere and stayed by me during the whole song and an hour and a half after. If that isn't a sign from my husband, I don't know what is. I cried it was beautiful and gave me such a peaceful feeling knowing he is by my side always.
Good afternoon, I have seen pure all white butterfly’s since my love one transitioned. One actually landed inside my shirt and hit directly onto my heart and out and away it flew. I don’t see them everyday, but when I do they are pure white with no markings and beautiful.
Ingrid christina kern
i started making use of my infertile garden using mulch and conditioner and planting radsihes and speckel green beans...having a cat i am sure this deters the birds to come around. as my garden grew and it turned green from horrible california desert ground i was visited by a white butterfly. i was enchanted, and "she " started visiting daily. one day she was accompanied by another and now i am counting 3! to me they are a sign of peace and harmony, and indeed it gives me a sense of closeness to Adonai! praying for our Shalom!
Rebecca Sanchez
I had 2 flying round me in my garden . Then yesterday I asked spirit guide for a sign and 1 came flying out from a tress straight away .
Tina Bower
I was sitting on my porch 3 white small butterflies were flying around and one flew over by me then they all flew away.
I saw lots of white butterflies in my tree the sun was shining On them they looked like fairy lights. It was magical I sat looking at them for ages when they flew off they looked silver Some flew near me I could see they were white 🦋
The day of my father’s funeral, a group of us were standing outside the restaurant at his wake, talking. A white butterfly landed on my shoulder and just stayed there. I was 50 years old and had never had a butterfly land on me before that day or since. Everyone just stood there staring at it and then my son tried to shoo it away. The butterfly then flew right at my son’s face and kept fluttering around him and we joked about how he made the butterfly angry. At that moment none of us knew the spiritual significance. After I got home my husband told me to search online because I didn’t believe him when he told me. I cried like a baby when I saw that it was a message from heaven and then had a good laugh when I called my son to tell him that his grandpap was telling him to leave me alone when he tried to shoo him away because he interrupted our “visit”. I was originally cynical of it having a spiritual meaning but what are the odds of only having a white butterfly land on your shoulder once in your lifetime and that day just happened to be your beloved father’s funeral. I was his only daughter out of 8 kids and we were incredibly close. I’m a believer now!
I saw a white butterfly in my new house and a day later I got accepted into a course that I've been praying to get into for ages.
Now days iam seeing white butterflies alot. Anyone knows what's the meaning of this
Hi I looked up a white butterfly because lately a white butterfly has been around me appears from no where flys in the greenhouse and it got me thinking. My mom passed away suddenly in December just gone and Iv been threw a very difficult time with myself as well as my 4 year old son who’s not coping very well as well as a court case with his dad. We also see 2 white doves come and go and white feathers could you tell me is it a sign I really want to believe my moms happy and ok but I just don’t know
Julie Follett
My husband's sister (who he was very close to) passed away about a month and a half ago. She loved butterflies. For the past 3 days every time I go out of the house a white butterfly (which looks totally white to me) flies around me the entire time I am out there. I am sure it is her.
Ursula Munnik
Thanks Ryan, feel encouraged, yes i smiled when i saw white butterfly flying close to me when i walked earlier. My best friend passed recently & relational & financial constraints, but God. Bless you Ryan. Gods still in control
My dad just recently passed away and my daughter keeps seeing white butterflies. He was such a special man. He loved his family so much. I wish so much that I could have some sort of comfort by a sign or something. I was daddy’s little girl. Losing him was one of the most painful experience that I have ever had. I’m not handling it well. With COVID crap we can’t even have a funeral for him. I need help I have no one to grieve with or hug because we all have to keep our safe distance. Regardless it sucks. I loved him so much and it’s so hard for me to grieve without someone to talk to. My son has epilepsy and juvenile diabetes. That’s been hard for me to deal with. I feel like I’m waiting around for something else bad to happen. I’ve reached out to counselors and doctors to try to get some help and support but, they don’t seem to care. So I’m reaching out for help from you. Do you have any ideas that could help? I really need a sign from my dad that he is with his mom in heaven. I really miss him. My heart is so broken.
My butterfly was all white normal size. I only took note because I saw a black butterfly last night while I was watering the flowers. I thought how amazing to see one at night black & white in the day. Better things to come.
Just about 5 mins ago I was sitting on my phone in my room and I seen a white small butterfly land right on the side of my white comforter. So I was wondering how a white butterfly could possibly get in my room all my window are down and I have my A/C running so I instantly jump up to find the little butterfly and it just disappeared it was so crazy and for some reason I googled if this means anything?and I find your post about white butterflies and I feel like your awsome for sharing this with us and I read other people's stories and its amazing! I have recently been trying to connect with my inner self everyday since covid has been going on and I've really happy I found this!
This crazy but I been sending white butterfly 🦋 few day now and when look it up I was amaze and so awesome to see this biblical message spiritual message Wow
Julie Stevenson
I have had a pure white butterfly fly round me flew away and came back and done it again while I was sitting down
Julie Stevenson
I have had a pure white butterfly fly round me flew away and came back and done it again while I was sitting down
Yesterday. My mam passed away in march this year I was at her house clearing things away and was upset and crying I went to put things into the bin and saw 2 white butterflies playing in the garden I was so mesmerized it made me feel much more settled I was hoping it was my mam and nana together
Tonger Martin
I saw a little white butterfly in the hallway of my apartment bldg . Does it mean I am going to have good luck or be blessed in some type of way.
I was in my swimming pool today and this little white butterfly would not leave me alone. It landed and crawled all over my for over an hour. Last time this happened was when I visited my Dad in Tx. A butterfly was all over us when we were trying to get our picture taken. We kept laughing and it would not leave us alone. I told Dad is was my Mom who had passed away. So when I saw this butterfly today I knew it was my Mom again. I then research and saw your article. I can’t believe I was right. And want is even crazier is I bet a guy this week and we had our first date last night. I think Mom wanted to tell me it was all good and she approves! I am crying! Thank you!
I was in my swimming pool today and this little white butterfly would not leave me alone. It landed and crawled all over my for over an hour. Last time this happened was when I visited my Dad in Tx. A butterfly was all over us when we were trying to get our picture taken. We kept laughing and it would not leave us alone. I told Dad is was my Mom who had passed away. So when I saw this butterfly today I knew it was my Mom again. I then research and saw your article. I can’t believe I was right. And want is even crazier is I bet a guy this week and we had our first date last night. I think Mom wanted to tell me it was all good and she approves! I am crying! Thank you!
Michelle Dewar
A White Butterfly flew around me all day on Saturday which was a day after my Dads Birthday and a day before my birthday...lost my Dad March last year 💔
Michelle Dewar
A White Butterfly flew around me all day on Saturday which was a day after my Dads Birthday and a day before my birthday...lost my Dad March last year 💔
From yesterday till now i have seen white butterflies in different times,even at midnight,for about 7 times The thing that was amazing is that i couldn't look anywere but that beautiful butterfly And recently i was asking yhe God to give me a sign in my prays It feels so lovely
Martina piper
Hi Over the past few days there has been a white butterfly flying around my garden. It had come close but didn't land on me. In a occasions at different times I have gone out to the garden and seen a white butterfly flying around. Not sure if it is the same butterfly. I have recently started my on safety training business . A lot of work and worry went into trying to get it off the ground. Covid 19 didn't help. Slowly there are emails coming through to book courses. Very early days yet. I hope the white butterfly that has been flying around my garden is a very positive sign of good times ahead ,🤞🤞
Joyce Maynez
I just seen a white butterfly in my backyard flew around me for about five minutes 10 minutes prior to this it was there was the brightest red dragonfly it’s wings also red. Well this evening at seven I’m leaving for a 1015 mile trip to California just wondering if I should hold off for a day or is this an all Clear My drive will take 15 to 16 hrs
I see white butterflies everytime I go outside or in my garden there is always two they often flutter around me and my daughter, ive recorded them a few times.. tried to find meaning of seeing two together however not had any luck
Yes, I’ve encountered one single white butterfly the past few years. It will come once or for many days. Never lands on me, though. I’ve wondered why it hasn’t. Any ideas?
My granddaughter took her own life almost three months ago, she was only 16, when I'm setting on the front porch alone thinking of her, this white butterfly always appears in front of me, flying all around all across the yard and ,and beside me. What does this mean?
Helen Annis
I went through a very hard day yesterday and asked for a sign this white butterfly started flying around me after I got on the train and when I made my journey home one after another and another kept appearing all around me until I reached my door
5 seconds ago
I was sitting outside of our house then a white butterfly just fly in front of me 2 times and i was thinking that its giving a positive vibes then i suddenly search what it means and it make me smile😁 it all happen when im watching a giving away stuff in youtube.
Nancy Mwangi
I have been seen white small butterflies in my house but I don't bother. Yesterday one landed on my face. I have been manifesting for something.
So today on two occasions I’ve seen one white butterfly, the second time I seen two together like all around me for like 5 seconds then flew away! My daughters had a brown butterfly With patterns on in her bedroom when there weren’t any windows open, n one of our cats was just on the windowsill watching it, last year a similar brown butterfly landed on her knee. I’m a firm believer in this spiritual side, with great passion n comfort knowing there’s someone somewhere either guiding or trying to keep us safe! Within the space of 2014-2016, I lost both my grandma n granda! Then my real dad last his life also to cancer on Father’s Day the 19th June 4 years just passed. N I’m still grieving, it never EVER goes away n the signs n butterfly’s I’m seein ARE an amazing comfort to me
I have seen 3 white butterflies in the past 3 days (2 sunny days and 1 rainy). My dad died last year and ive seen a few but a lot the last few days which i thought was weird, especially because they fly towards me and then around me
Coming home from my mother's funeral. We were stop at a traffic light. A very large white butterfly with yellow wing tips landed on the front windshield of the car. It continued to stay with us as we travelled
Kim Marie Carpenter
The day after my mother-in-law’s funeral, I walked into the backyard and saw a white butterfly, it flew around all the plants then flew over the fence. Today I saw it again and this time my sister-in-law was with me. I told her that there is a very positive spiritual meaning. You see, the loss of her mother came quickly and everyone was in shock as she was the glue that held this family together. She and her husband just celebrated their 62n wedding anniversary. She is very much missed. I feel the white butterfly was a way of letting us know she is still around us.
my rabbit died couple weeks ago and I have missed him ever since then and everywhere me and my friend go there is a white butterfly following us and I fell like it is a sign from him saying that he is ok
I saw 2 white butterflies with black outlining on their bodies My death parents Me and my husband smiled happyly looked at butterflies . We will be divorce next month Happy dream But reality sad
I lost my 2 cats within 2 weeks apart, they were outdoor cats brothers, 10 years old, my heart was just broken, I niece died 9 years ago one of them was her cat. I asked for a sign that my cats were ok last night working in my garden bed a pure butterfly was flying around me. Then this afternoon there he was again flying around the yard. Thank you!
I see a white butterfly everyday for awhile now, I used to call the butterfly Rosalie for a sweet lady I used to be an aid for but then it went away and just this last summer I see the butterfly everyday.
Gail Coil
Thank you for your insightfulness. Article interesting and fully answered my question. Thank you Blessed be
I see white butterflies everyday. They are always around me no matter where I go. At home or at the store. It never fails that I will see a white butterfly sometimes 2 of them together. Sometimes yellow ones. I also see dragonflies everyday no matter where I am. Little ones big ones.
Kanu Justice
I have prayed so long for change in my life most especially for the virtue of temperance just last night a co work colleague threaten me for a fight to provoke me, my instincts ignored along the line a white butterfly came across my front toward my chest in the industrial building, before the scene took place the butterfly has been following me around I realize God has really changed me for good, praise the Lord.
Era Dervil
I saw this night.A small white baterfly. Flying arond my appartment near sea. I am sure is him. It is a very sad night for me. It was this night, ten years ago my beloved son in law, 30 years old has passed away, leaving my doughter alone with a child one year old. I feel good but also sad, looking this small white buterfly.
In the past two days as I sat outside, a silver white micro butterfly or moth landed on my shoulder. I can't find a picture of it, but no longer than a quarter of an inch. For some reason, I felt blessed by it's presence.
Like 2 days ago I saw a white butterfly with black dots on the outer edge of the wing, just right there infront of my eyes. I think it was my dad. Ty.
Elena Bratton
I had a blanket of white butterflies covering my lawn in my backyard when I looked out my bedroom window, I saw them all take flight synchronized almost like a blanket being lifted, it was amazing, beautiful! Do you think it had meaning?
Becky Jo Dorius
I love your article. I have had a white butterfly that came everyday, and flew around me, then left. It looked to be Totally white, and small to medium size. When I moved, the same butterfly showed up in my new yard. I know it is my angels. It does the same dance around me, and flies away, every day! I also get white feathers! Much love!
I had a dream about small white butterflies I was walking through a grassy path and it was wet from dew and a lot of small white butterflies were flying around my ankles some was even touching me ,don't know what it means but I think it's a good dream, I also saw my mother who passed away seven months now she was 92 and I saw her walking barefoot and she was so strong.
I’m moving to Puerto Rico.. Tuesday 9/1/20 and I was walking my dog today, and I saw 2 white butterflies.. My parent passed whose place I’m moving to, after seeing this article I thought my parents spirits were those butterflies and I am starting a new chapter in my life.. Thank you
I have been seeing a white butterfly when I'm outside going from flower to flower and then leaves
Cheryl Rankin Burt
I loved this article! Although, my favorite is the hummingbird, the butterfly is just as beautiful & peaceful. For about a week or so, I've had a white butterfly flying around me. Each time I have thought about the passing of my dad (my best friend). Today I looked it up and found you! Thank you for sharing this article. It was very encouraging & uplifting! Cheryl
Amy Owens
A white butterfly with maybe orange on it, just fluttered in my bedroom door and landed on my bed. I got up to see where it had landed and it fluttered right out the door again and away..... I smiled because I knew it meant something amazing. My mom and aunt - her sister - have passed in the last two years, my aunt most recently. I feel so blessed!
hello how are you today I think that white butterflies leaves trails that you are going somewhere spiritual winded whenever you leave this planet it dies you on your spiritual Faith to let you know that your purity is gratefulness and faithful is faithfulness is starting to occur that you are not perfect but you are good and pleasing to God and that you are trying
hello.. my uncle has recently passed away very suddenly, I have been begging for a sign to ensure he's ok, one day I was sitting at his grave listening to some of his favourite music, and this white butterfly was flying around for such a long time, that was the first time I felt this was a sign from him, the latest time was just the other day, I was in a mood and shouting about this silly, unimportant situation which I was clearly over exaggerating ( he knew this is something I would often do) and I was outside and this white butterfly suddenly flew past me and came straight for me and sat on my shoe for the longest time, I immediately said 'sorry Matt' and went inside and chilled out.. now I know for a fact this is him trying to communicate with me I know it. I can't wait till I see that next white butterfly and smile.
I'm having a closed friend living in US. We're messaged each other every day. I hv not heard from my friend for 5 days now. I hv been feeling down & very anxious for not getting the messages from him. I messaged him & emailed him but still with a silence 😥 Today, while i was working in the garden. One white Butterfly with black colour edges just fly around me & in front me for a little while. Then the Butterfly flew across the road passing a van before it reach to the other side of footpath & disappeared... Is this a sign of some kind of car accident happened to my friend ? Im too scared to think of it. But right now , i cld only think of the worst case scenario. Please share me your thoughts Thanks of millions. Tiffany
TWO white butterflies flew near me yesterday, then together, an inch apart, they flew away directly upwards until they were out of sight heading to Heaven? I'd like to think so. I lost both my parents this year :( mum in April, Dad in june. I found it fascinating and comforting
Ryan Hart
What a wonderful reminder that your parents are watching over you from heaven.
Just now and I searched it up
Ryan Hart
I hope this article was able to help you find the meaning of the white butterfly you saw.
My sister had 2 white butterflys in her mother in-laws garden on her birthday. Her mother in law passed away a few years ago. When she told her husband about the special meaning ,and he realized it was his mom's birthday he teared up and thanked her. Myself I'm having alot of obstacles in my life, and a postponed knee surgery. My knee is so painful, but instead of being discouraged I decided to work on getting stronger,healthy, and work on myself. That's when the white butterfly showed up on my balcony garden .Thanks for the info, and God bless all of you❤️
Ryan Hart
Thank you so much for sharing your story about white butterflies in your family’s garden. I will pray for your improved health.
I was in my friends car and a white Butterfly flew up to my window for a few seconds i guess it was giving me a message that something good will happen
Ryan Hart
I will keep you in my prayers that God delivers his message to you soon.
I've recently seen 3 white butterflies, none has landed on me but have come very close to and I did know the meaning at all, and this was right after my father who was living in another continent passed, reading this put my mind at ease since he was not always the best parent ever. My questions for the Lord were: Is he ok? Is his soul ok? Was he forgiven? Is he in heaven? Seeing these magical creatures makes me feel at ease now knowing what it could mean, plus I've been trying to do more things in life and I was really needing confirmation that the most High was watching over my family as approving, so this is great to read. Thanks for the article
Ryan Hart
I’m so glad that this article found its way to you, and you were able to discover the meaning of the white butterflies you have been seeing.
I seen 5 white butterflies and a dragon fly all in the same day after spreading my mothers ashes
Ryan Hart
No matter where i go a white butterfly is always on my side i could travel to one place to another and i know it won’t be the same butterfly but there is always one there. Every time i go out throughout this year it appears.
Ryan Hart
What a special symbol of a guardian angel always with you.
Lately wherever I go I'm seeing white butterflies, I'm at a bad time In my life and always remember the saying seeing a white butterfly is someone from heaven looking over you is this true?
Ryan Hart
Olivia, I believe it is true. Is there someone special who may be watching over you from heaven?
Minnehaha Uy
After mirning prayer as i open the curtain saw first time a small white butterfly flying around in front of the window slowly goin comin back, thought it was a feather but no, a white butterfly. So happy to see and give me hope.❤🙏😔
Ryan Hart
Hannah Louise
I have seen a lot of white butterflies this past few weeks. It seems like a daily visit in front of my bedroom window. there was one time that it was yellow but again i saw a little white butterfly today.
Ryan Hart
What a blessing to see so many white butterflies.
Brandi Yates
I seen 3 white butterfly's spinning in a circle for several seconds. I could have reached out and touched them literally!!! So beautiful! By the time I grabbed my phone to snap a picture one flew off to the left and I only got the pic of the other 2 butterfly's on the right. They were smaller with a black dot twords the top of the wing not sure if both wings have them nore can I quite tell from the picture if there is more than one black dot. What does this mean?
Ryan Hart
How encouraging to see three white butterflies. I believe this could be a sign from God that a positive change is coming soon in your life. It may be a change that happens in multiple steps, two or three connected changes.
A white butterfly/moth follows me everyday. I've noticed it for a while now. It's the same small chubby white butterfly that doesn't have a pattern. It follows me to school and from home, I often see it on the balcony and out I still don't really understand what it exactly means, but I have some ideas. My grandmother sadly passed away last year, and she wasn't able to visit me before her passing, as she was in a different continent. I held many regrets that I did not see her again, but maybe this little fellow is the reason why she sees me. I grew up in a very religious household, so I truly believe in signs from God, but what did I deserve to be chosen or some would say... "the main character?" I always wonder if we're in the Matrix. Probably. My last idea is the butterfly always revisits me whenever I feel like giving up and losing hope. I used to have suicidal thoughts, but I'm trying to get better. I've always longed for someone I can rely and talk to. That's all the ideas I have, please let me know if this has meaning to you, I know nobody will read this but I just wanted it to get out there.
Ryan Hart
Aiana, thank you for sharing your story. I believe the white butterfly you are seeing is a sign from God about a positive change about to occur in your life. What a blessing to see the white butterfly so often.
A tiny pure white butterfly hung around with me in my car for 4 days! It reminded me of white lace and seemed so fragile the first 2 days keeping still mostly on passenger window frame. The third day it flew around my head before exiting out the window in my parking garage. I was sad to see him go though I knew it was best to be free. Imagine my surprise when the fourth day I saw him peeking out at me from inside my A/C vent. I felt this was special gift from God, especially after 4 days. With the car parked in hot sun I left windows open 4th day so he could fly out and he did. I told a radio show host and she mentioned in on her show, 93.9 FM, The Lite. "how cool is that to have a butterfly for a passenger for 4 days?" she said. I have seen a white butterfly almost everyday since, at the park, at same spot where he flew out, and even on my window sill. What a tremendous blessing.
Ryan Hart
Yes, a tremendous blessing, indeed!
Thankyou for sharing this article it has made me feel full of joy! One day I was walking and my friend noticed a white butterfly fly over me. She said it looked beautiful and it's a positive meaning. The next day my counsellor referred to me as a butterfly trying to spread my wings but keep getting crushed by the obstacles in my life. Since then I see a white butterfly almost every day at least 5 times per day mostly when the sun is out. In my garden, in the city centre, at the tragic lights, whilst I'm walking, flying past my car, flying past my windows at home, I also saw two flying together the other day. I've had a difficult few years and I feel a change coming on. I dont know what this means but I hope whatever God has in store for me, that I recieve all his blessing.
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you in my prayers. I believe God has big plans in mind for you.
Been struggling for years in life, in relationship and in business. Seeing white butterfly for the first time puts into a lot of thinking about life. I have a good feeling now that God is sending me a message that all my struggles and prayers has been heard. I know something very good will happen very very soon.
Ryan Hart
I’m so glad to hear that the white butterfly brought you hope and encouragement.
I have had a large white butterfly with black round spots sit on me. In my garden almost every day.
Ryan Hart
What a wonderful sign you are receiving to see white butterflies almost daily! I believe you will have a change soon in your life
Sharon A Potochney
I believe that white butterfly is my deceased mom and guardian angel watching over us
Ryan Hart
I’m sorry for your loss. Seeing a white butterfly is a wonderful way to remember your mom and keep her spirit with you.
Dorothy Smith
This is my first time seeing a white butterfly to night when I walk in my kitchen it fly on my wall and land over my door where go into the hall. I saw 10 mins ago that’s I search for the meaning.
pamela hartford
i have seen a single white butterfly with a black spot on the tip of its wings flying near my window everyday and yesterday 9/22/2020 i opened my door to check my mail and it flew towards me
Rebecca Noe
When my furbaby has kidney failure and I pray to Jesus ask Jesus to bless a Miracle on my furbaby healing I have been seeing this white butterfly almost everyday. I didn't know what it meant.I am Deaf and wonders.
Laurie VIncent
I saw a white butterfly flying close to me yesterday, in our front yard. I had just been offered a job. I was about to be hired on the spot during two other job interviews. But when I filled out the background check form, they both had an 'Oh no!' look on their face. They had seen the year that I was born. Both of them abruptly told me that they would be calling whoever gets the job! The butterfly was a sign from God to let me know that everything was going to be okay. And a reminder to always have faith. I always notice a white butterfly flying near me in our front yard. Not always during a stressful time, but also at times when I thank God for all of the blessings in my life. Especially my loving family.
When i converted in the Church Of Christ (iglesia ni cristo) everything changed, i was persecuted alot and trials came to my life. to make story short, I was baptized in the INC on december 31, 2016 and on that evening after i was baptized. I was on my room (upstairs of our house) the door was open and a white butterfly came in flying around me and landed on my shoulder. I was so happy and blessed. Can you tell me whats your opinion about it?😁i really appreciate it
At work I keep seeing a small white butterfly I den it 3 times aready n it brings me a smile to it........ I just looked it up what it means about white butterflies n I’m so amazed that is spiritual .... 🙏🏼Thanks
Edelyn Claramon
Yes . This morning when I clean our sorroundings.. One family member of mine a kid. She see white butterflies with yellow markings on wings land at my hair..A little girl see it and shouting to get my attention ..
Just saw it now +or minus 1:50,after doing an egg cleansing ceremony for my self
Shyam Sunder
Our pet dog was put to sleep on 11-5-20 .it hurts even today as it hurt on that day.a little white butterfly comes regularly to our home...it circles around my wife...( i know they live hardly for two weeks ...maybe different ones do come...sometimes they come alone , sometimes they come as a pair) its more than 4 months this has been going on ...what does it signify ? Is my pet dog sending emissaries ?...shyam
Lady friend
I recently lost my mom a month ago and I got married the same day the white butterfly flew in the car window and flew back and forth around me . I know this was a spiritual message from my mom and it was love and peace nothing but greatness ahead
Simone Bennett
I see white butterflies constantly, they land on me or fly like they are going to land on my hand. I have just found the powers of the universe and it has had an amazing lift to my thoughts, beautiful experience😊
Charito Acayang
I open the door and a white small butterfly flies arriving infront of the door and i say it goodmorning angel.
I have seen seven white butterflies this year and here recently everything is full of odd but helpful and positive coincidences. Know anything about that?
I have seen seven white butterflies this year and here recently everything is full of odd but helpful and positive coincidences. Know anything about that?
On May 11 2013 I lost my oldest son due to complications from TD1 Throughout the years after his passing I’d see this little white butterfly. Either at the place I’d lived at or at my other kids homes. I’d mention to my younger sister about it and she told me it was just a moth. At first I was sad then I thought so what. To me it’s a beautiful plain butterfly like my Andy. He would always tell people to “Stay Classy” Andy was the 2nd of my 5 children. He had just turned 24. I have 5 children 3 girls and 2 boys. Well my boys were only 17months apart. My youngest son struggled with addiction for nearly 10 to 12 years. On March 16,2017 he shot up with what he thought was cocaine it wasn’t it was pure phenytoin. He died well he was clinically dead for 12 minutes. Most people would’ve had some kind of brain damage. Not him. He said he saw hell and it was dark. God and his brother pulled him out. He was one of the 99. I say that God made Andy an angel to save his brother. When my son came to he gave himself completely to God. He now has a beautiful girlfriend. He accepted her children as his own. On October 11, 2019 she gave birth to his son which he named after Andy. She had him at 11:20pm. The significance of the date is that it is my birthday as well. I’d like to think that my Andy had a part in it. So getting back on track. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my white butterfly. Well today the day after my birthday I’m sitting at my picnic table and for nearly 2 hours I had this white butterfly make its rounds checking on me. I’m so glad I read this article. It did make me cry and that’s okay A mother will never get over the loss of her child no matter how old or how long ago.
My husband Henry went home to Jesus Aug 30 2020.i was sitting under his favorite tree and finished praying and i was talking to him that our daughter needed help.she was having an interview today and i looked up and I saw a white butterfly.i said honey i know you are here.thank you for helping us.it calmed me down.i have been shrugging and my daughter as well.she misses her Dad.her pookie
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Hali May
I came to look up his information because my mom comes to me as a white butterfly. My mom loves butterflies when she was here. These signs are conformations!!
Yesterday, I was going to my neighbor's house. And when I was at the door a white butterfly flew above me it then soon went away.
my close friend passed away 3 years ago and i’ve always thought of her as a white butterfly when she passed away, i’ve been seeing them so much
Thank you for this article Ryan. For the last three to four days as I went out I kept seeing this small white butterfly. Kept forgetting to look up what it meant and I am so incredibly amazed to read your article and I am really trusting that God is speaking to me clearly. So what I needed to hear! Thank you Jesus and the angel butterfly! God bless!
Kayla R
One was inside my house Wednesday flying around my craft workstation. Then I found one on Saturday. My grandma Scared me with a white butterfly when I was younger and I took that as a sign that she was near. She was using that to get my attention. Surprisingly I even touched it. I got a sense of calmness come over my body.
Denise Simmons
Every so often I see a white butterfly flutter past my lounge window and back again while I’m sitting in the the lounge room .it leaves me with a peaceful ,graceful feeling ,which is amazing,it’s only been happening for 3 years now and it’s a few times a year,
Hi Ryan. An unusual thing happened to me today. I went for a walk with my daughter, and after about 10 minutes, I saw a white butterfly flying near me, but it seemed to be following me, for nearly 2 blocks as we walked. Sometimes it went on ahead and sort of hovered until we caught up to it. I as much as said to my daughter “this butterfly is following us”, But something more amazing to me is that on one of my back doors, the one we use to go in and out, there’s a white butterfly on the glass. Been there for at least 2-3 hrs. Since I first noticed it. I touched it from inside the door and it didn’t fly away. I’m fascinated as to why. Could it be the same one from my walk? I think it’s a small white, with yellow tinge. What do you think?
Angie Smith
Very interesting article because today I saw a white butterfly when me and my mom went to the burial site to visit my son and my dad it flew right up towards the window shield
Yesterday in my garden I had 3 white butterflies zipping around me one had tiny black markings on its wings and today I just got home from work and saw one in my driveway ;)
Cynthia Phoenix- Haye
I was sitting in my car very early it was still dark out. I live in Massachusetts. I was praying about things, so much needing God to hear me be with me. I was crying out to him about my struggles. Then I saw a white or off white butterfly, or was it a moth. I don't know. It flew in front of my windshield for a few seconds and then it left. Later this came back to mind at work, about could it have been a butterfly. So let me look up some information on white butterflies. I found your sayings and it made me happy to hear this. God bless you.
I lived in a very big city and was walking down the street when out of nowhere a group of white butterflies (maybe 5 or 6, I was too amused to count) came flying behing me, as if following me then around me and continued to do so for a few seconds while I was still walking; I put my arm out but none landed on me instead they kept flying in the most beautiful circle right in front and very close to me, this went on for at least a couple minutes until they flew up high and vanished. One of the most beautiful experience of my life
I always see two white butterflies flying together anyway time I am pregnant..... and when ever I see them,I sense that I might be pregnant and it turns out to be true.... I don't know why
Last week we were driving from one town to the next, and on the side of the road the were hundreds, if not thousands of white butterflies. They kept flying towards the car, and this went on for about 30 - 40 km. I didn't know what to make of it, but I was definitely amazed and excited. I know that it was definitely a major sign from God, that something wonderful is coming our way. I get excited when I see a single butterfly, so imagine how I felt having that a whole "entourage" escorting us.
First time i saw in my entire life a purely white butterfly.... at first i was scared that is why i close my door, then i research what's the meaning o f white butterfly and i am guided to this site and there is a lot of good an positive comments here, and suddenly reading comments about the white butterfly my tears flowing on face, i realize then.. that God sending a good message to me and he is always heared my prayers... thank you LORD JESUS.
Norman Hall
White butterfly ,black markings,about the same size as a brown wonder didn’t land done a circle an just went on it’s way.l was laying on the seats in my truck
Lately I have seen a white butterfly in my back garden.I go to the front garden and it is flying around.Yesterday while having lunch in a little cafe, I saw a white butterfly inside and flying around and am thinking :what does it mean ?New things happening to me ??do you give an explanation,Ryan?
Anne M.
Throughout the warm summer months while swimming in a backyard pool I saw white butterflies. This was a daily sighting. They either were seen at a distance or flew around me. At summer’s end while laying on a 2nd floor balcony yet another white butterfly flew up and over me! Amazing. I know that these creatures are symbolic of good omen. I can only trust that they are bringing to me the physical healing I am so hopeful for. Everytime I see one I shall continue to feel blessed and smile.
Sharon Harris
HELLO what does it mean when a white butterfly comes in and goes directly under your bed and stays at the center without moving is that a good signor a bad sign
I have seen two purely (small) white butterflies in my garden yard yesterday and this morning i have seen again one flying im my raddish seeds. Thats why i am here to check and google what's the meaning. Im praying and hoping for my Mother having ovarian cancer for her complete healing and fast recovery. Thank you it gaves me hope and courage when after reading it. God bless!
thanks so much , and I'm waiting for all my prayers , response from God ,
two tines that a beautiful pure white butterfly creeping on my body and stop for a minute on my chest and then flew away ..... i would like to know what does it mean
Serene T.
It was only this morning while watering my ornamental plants, a white butterfly fluttered around my bamboo plant. It lightened my spirit and somehow put a smile on my face. After reading your article sharing a message of hope, it reminded me of the financial challenges we are into at the moment. Yes, I am personally hopeful for an answered prayer. God is good all the time I know. Thank you very much. God bless!
rosa kupo
On Wednesday early am @ 1am my nephew saw white butterfly flying on the door where a man of God Prophet Jacob was sleeping,in the morning he told me about the butterfly he saw,we search but didn't see anything,at evening the butterfly came back and was on the cupboard close to the door of The Prophet,we had family Devotion and the Prophet told us that the butterfly is The Angelic activities around in the house,we took picture and I saw the face of Angel and my cousin's photo we saw Jesus Christ with white long robe,we all were excited and thanked God for His faithful in times of COVID 19 out break globally and our country PAPUA NEW GUINEA went through hard times...
if I'm confused about decisions in life after I pray I ask for a white butterfly for a good sign.its always come my way..and believe it after that.. I dont regrets what ever decision I made.i know god send me a white butterfly for my own good. its already more than I decades i do it. so really an angel from heaven..god is good all the time ...
Merly ramos
Yesterday on May 3 2021 on 8pm inside the church after im done pray im going outside then the white butterfly turning around me and land my legs the butterflies stay with me in i think 5 second then turning around me again and they go away from me so i thinking they have a good for me . But i dont what is meaning of this plss can i me . 🙏🙏
Nomso Ieren
Good morning Sir, after reading this article, Is Celt overwhelm with Joy and happiness. I am so much grateful. As I opened my door this morning, I saw a small White butterfly on my door, I held it into my hand as I walked to bathroom, then I allowed it to go, it flies and touches my chest. I came back to my room lie down still for some minutes and I decided to to out again, as I opened my door once again, I saw this same White butterfly on my window, and wanted to touch it again, it flies away touching my left shoulder. What does this sign represents to me? Is it an Angelic visitation? Thanks in anticipation.
Tieisha lee
Hello I saw two white butterfly today they was just flying around me it made me feel very good than I look up the meaning fr them and it really give me the best feel and all I can say is II love everybody and God Bless everything and everybody
Tieisha lee
Hello I saw two white butterfly today they was just flying around me it made me feel very good than I look up the meaning fr them and it really give me the best feel and all I can say is II love everybody and God Bless everything and everybody
Paul Minor
Many times when I am in thought or prayer about my wife, who i am currently separated from, I see a white butterfly. I had a dream of 3 rings prior to this starting to happen. Was 1 mens wedding band, one mens signet ring and 1 womans ring with the shape of a butterfly on it.
My little dog passed away 22.5 .2021 Im devastated miss my little boy 🐶 so much. I went in the garden today to make a little memorial garden for him and a white butterfly was flying around me put my hand out to see if it would fly on my hand but it flew away
[email protected]
small white butterfly land on my right leg around 11:00 pm evening to 12 midnight around that time i see very happy butterfly land on my legs after a minutes i never seen fly
Staci R Asbell
I saw one this morning. My son recently passed and it put a smile on my face. To know that he is thinking of me when I think of him!
Today morning I woke up and my head was quiet heavy and I had few times losing my balance falling onto my right side. literally worried what is wrong with my head? do I need to do MRI or contact GP were the troubling questions in my mind. I was sad and watching out through my window. I saw a white butterfly (pure white as snow) flying infront my eyes. It still does. I just wish it would come near me. I asked my friend what does it mean? i now googled to see many have this beautiful experience of watching it. I still want to know if it the love from God? assurance from God that ill be okay???
leon errol reid
hi my life and living in a would where i just feel god tests every thing i do.and the last 35 years has brang me nothink but hurt and pain at the highest level.to teach me and make me learn.so i can be come a stronger and focused human being.which im so so gratefull for the gidence and love as well as hope and faith you installed in my life.like just 2 days ago 2 wonderfull white butterflys where flyings around near me as i left my garden.and stright away made me think of god and the way he sends sings in shapes and forms of things.coz ive been hurting in my life and heart for the last 3/4 years.and this is why im here.i dont know what god has pland for me in this life but i know it somthing great.and im taking every lession in and learning as well as holding on in stead of giving up on life which ive felt like so many times.but like i said he has a plan for me and my life and im ready so ready for it to start.and just wanted to say thank you for my life and what ive witenessed so far love leon.and would love for you to tell me what the 2 white butterflys mean for me in my life xxx
my comment is about feathers. I was walking home when I saw this shadow slowly dropping right in front of me. I thought it was cottonwood then I saw a feather. Now feather don't have shadows and they don't float down in a straight line in front of you. Yes I was moved and gave thanks. But what was interesting a moment before I was leaning over a bridge and something hit me on the shoulder and stayed there. When I brushed it off it was a pinecone. Pinecones just don't stay on the shoulder. I realized it was sign to pay attention for what was coming next. I was moved by the whole experience.
2 years ago a white butterfly appeared not long after my mum died and the next day two came which I say is my mum and dad she found him. They stay with me I see them most days and I almost touched one and it disappeared. My life has turned upside down I was made redundant and split with my partner so my garden is my saving grace.
Anna Ashton
I had hundreds of white butterflys surround my car while i was driving to the hospital i have never seen anything like it. There were so many it obstructed my windscreen for a few seconds
Barbara Rea
Totally closed home, no butterfly ever, no caterpillar ever, no chrysalis ever; but a pure white butterfly suddenly appeared to come off or out of my 1 yr old washed many times dress as I put it on at 530am - it is still flying around - no physical nor scientific explanation - must just be a word from god after praying over my son all day yesterday & until fell asleep - them god woke me up, wide awake, at 3am & I was asking what to do until I rose to shower & dress - boom - here is the very same butterfly in your picture.