The Spiritual Meaning of Ear Ringing from Tinnitus (Left or Right)

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In this post, you’ll learn the spiritual meaning of ringing in the ears.

In fact:

I discovered that there are different meanings depending on whether you are experience left or right ear ringing.

Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to share the most common signs from heaven that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Ready to find out what it means when your ears ring?

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What Does it Mean When Your Ears Ring?

The medical causes of ear ringing and Tinnitus are very well documented, but very few people talk about the meaning of this condition.

What I uncovered in my research is that there are 3 possible spiritual meanings of ringing ears. In order to better understand what message your guardian angel is trying to send you, you’ll need to gather more information.

First, identify whether you are experiencing ringing in your left ear, right ear, or both. Next, pay attention to how frequently it happens and how long the ringing lasts.

Finally, notice the sounds you hear. Is the ringing high-pitched, low-pitched, or a muffled buzzing sound?

Each of these symptoms can change the spiritual meaning for better or worse. Also, keep in mind that this medical condition could be causing you to receive different types of spiritual messages if you hear ringing in your left or right ear.

Left ear ringing is associated with messages about your life on Earth. In contrast, right ear ringing is said to be a message from God or someone you know in Heaven.

Here’s what it means when your ears ring:

1. Someone is Talking About You

The most common ear ringing omen is related to gossip. You have a great desire to be liked by others and are always putting the needs of your friends or family first.

So when ringing occurs, it could mean that someone is talking about you.

If you are experiencing a high-pitched ringing sound, it tells me you have likely had relationship problems in the past. Friends, family members, or loved ones are possibly talking about you behind your back.

The noise you hear is from your guardian angel sending a message to be careful about how much you reveal to others.

On the other hand, you may find your ears ringing if someone in Heaven is talking about you.

Have you recently lost someone close to you? Hearing a high-pitched noise in your right ear could be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to pass on a message from Heaven.

While we cannot communicate with those that have passed away, we can use this message to inspire our prayers. Take a moment to pray and ask that God look over your loved ones in Heaven.

2. You Are About to Receive a Spiritual Gift

Gift Box

Loud ringing can be a positive spiritual sign that you are about to have a religious or mystical experience in the physical world.

This might mean that you will receive the spiritual gift of healing or spiritual growth.

1 Corinthians 12 says that we are given multiple gifts from the Holy Spirit. One of these gifts is the power of healing. If you or someone close to you has been suffering from health problems, pay close attention to the ringing in your ears.

This message from your guardian angel could mean that your health problems are about to improve. Continue to pray for guidance. Try saying one of these prayers for healing.

3. Change is Coming Soon

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Guardian angels are sent by God to guard us in all ways (Psalm 91:11) and to deliver messages (Luke 1:19).

Both left or right ear ringing could be a message from your guardian angel that you are about to experience a change in your life such as your third eye opening.

The fact that you are hearing ringing does not tell me whether you will experience positive or negative energy, just that you have advanced spiritual abilities. You are among a group of highly evolved beings that can hear a divine sound that affects their physical body.

Start watching for other messages from your guardian angel to find out what changes or good fortune is coming. Pay close attention to repeating number sequences, or angel numbers, you see throughout your day such as 1111, 222, or 555.

If you are going through financial trouble or are dealing with difficult health conditions, this could be a sign that things are about to get better. The same goes for relationship problems. Ringing in the ears is a great sign from the higher spirit that things are about to change for the better.

Practice gratitude for the good fortune coming your way, and don’t be afraid to ask your guardian angel for guidance when you need it. There are many ways that angel may try to communicate with you including through angel numbers, dreams, or even animals, so always be open to messages in all forms.

What Does Left Ear Ringing Mean?

It is not easy to explain the spiritual reasons of left ear ringing. It can represent different things for different people, as it depends on their personal beliefs and experiences.

In general, this buzzing sound in your ear can be associated with some kind of spiritual awakening, such as a kundalini awakening, or some other important event about to occur in your life.

Sometimes it can indicate that you are about to receive a message from a guardian angel or someone in the spiritual world. The ringing sound that you hear can actually be a message from them, and they will give you an opportunity to learn something new.

If you have been hearing a high pitched ringing sound in your left ear, then this is a clear sign that someone is talking bad things behind your back. This may be quite unpleasant, but it is good that you know what is going on around you and what people think about you.

This is also a sign that you are blessed with psychic abilities. The ringing in the left ear signifies that you have this gift and are about to receive new information that will help you make a decision or solve a problem.

It is important to pay attention to the details of any situation at hand. This message is a psychic energy and will help guide you in the right direction.

If you are not already aware of your psychic abilities, this is the time to begin exploring them and learning how to use them. This means paying attention to your intuitive feelings, as well as any physical sensations in your body.

You may be especially sensitive to temperature changes, or feel tingling sensations in your hands. These are signs that you are receiving information in the near future from the spiritual realm through your psychic abilities.

What Does Right Ear Ringing Mean?

The right ear ringing spiritual meaning can be very different depending on the area of the world you are in and the level of your spiritual development. In many countries, it is said that when your right ear starts ringing, someone is talking about you and what they are saying is good.

If you are a woman and your right ear starts ringing, it signifies an old friend will contact you soon. If you are a man and your right ear begins ringing, it means that a new friend will come into your life soon.

This also means that whenever someone talks about you behind your back, for whatever reason, positive or negative, your ears will start to ring.

This happens because your spiritual energy is being disturbed by the negative energy of others talking about you. When this happens the vibrational states of your spiritual center become out of alignment and you begin to experience ringing or hear white noise.

For some, ringing in the right ear can be quite scary and they seem to come out of nowhere. You should know that there is a reason for ear ringing. The good news is that most of the time these noises are harmless. They may be a sign that something else is wrong but usually are not harmful on their own.

There are many different types of sounds from the spiritual world that you may hear in your ears. Some people will hear whistles, buzzing, or other types of sounds as well.

Most of the time these are not harmful but they can indicate some other type of problem that may need to be looked at by a doctor. This is why it is important to understand what they mean and what you should do if you get them on a regular basis.

What Does High-Pitched Ringing Mean?

A high pitched ringing in your ears can be a sign that your clairaudience is opening up (psychic sense of hearing) or that your spiritual guides, angels, or holy spirit is trying to communicate with you.

When this happens, stop what you are doing and see if you can hear other noises from your spirit guide or sense if a spirit is near. If not, do not panic as it was probably just a quick message for only you to acknowledge.

You may even hear a voice speaking to you in your head – like someone is inside your head speaking to you. I have personally experienced this type of communication from my spiritual guide.

I have been told by several sources that my clairaudience is my strongest psychic ability. I am able to hear and receive messages from the other side quite easily and clearly.

What Causes Tinnitus and Ringing in the Ears?

Doctor Holding Stethoscope

The most common cause of ringing in the ears is Tinnitus. A condition that causes you to hear sounds that have no external source.

Tinnitus is common in adults over the age of 55. Ringing in the ears is frequently associated with hearing loss and can be caused by damage to the small, inner ear hairs that send noise signals to the brain.

You might also experience ear ringing if you are taking certain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, or certain antibiotics.

While there is no cure for Tinnitus, your doctor can help you find ways to manage the side effects.

How to stop ringing in the ears:

  • Use hearing aids
  • Have your doctor adjust medication levels
  • Try behavioral or massage therapy
  • Remove excess ear wax
  • Reduce exposure to loud noises
  • Ask your doctor about a possible ear infection
  • Schedule a hearing test and exam regularly
  • Get checked for Meniere's Disease

If you have any concerns about your health, always consult with a physician or other health care professional.

Tinnitus may be a symptom of many different conditions and diseases. It is common with hearing loss, especially age-related hearing loss. In addition, many people have tinnitus that is not related to an underlying condition or disease.

In some cases, the sound originates in the ear itself. More often, however, tinnitus results from a disorder of the auditory system. Tinnitus may also represent a disorder in other parts of the head and neck, such as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or cervical spine. If you have tinnitus, you may also have sensitivity to sound or “hyperacusis.”

Earwax blockage or ear infection can cause tinnitus, as can problems with the middle ear bones or muscles that control middle ear function. Damage to the nerves in the inner ear (auditory nerve) can cause tinnitus, too. In rare cases, tumors on cranial nerves that connect your brain and inner ear also lead to left or right ear ringing.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Ringing in the Ears

Signs From Heaven That a Deceased Loved One is with You

Here are the 15 most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you:

1. Feathers on the Ground

The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven.

2. Finding Pennies and Dimes

One way that a deceased loved one might send you a sign is by placing pennies, dimes or quarters on the ground in front of you. I like to call them “pennies from heaven” and they are a special way to remember loved ones that have passed away.

Click here to see the entire list of signs from heaven

Now It's Your Turn

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How often have you been experiencing ringing in the ears?

What do you think this means spiritually?

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