5 Best Places to Buy Wholesale Mason Jars in Bulk [2023]

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Mason jars aren't just for canning produce anymore. These incredibly versatile containers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be used for anything from wedding favors to fancy iced coffees.

Whether you're prepping to preserve this year's harvest, getting crafty, or planning an event that calls for rustic decor, buying bulk Mason jars is a great way to save time and money without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Instead of buying cheap jars that are likely to break, or spending too much money in a large chain or craft store, consider buying your jars online from one of these retailers.

Where to Buy Wholesale Mason Jars

Depending on the jar's intended use, you'll find that one retailer might suit you better than others. We've compiled a list of the top five places to buy bulk mason jars. Keep reading to find the best shop for your needs.

1. Amazon

Amazon has virtually everything under the sun and offers reasonable prices—which is great if you are looking for an item in bulk and follow a strict budget. A quick search will bring up over 2,000 results, and here are a few we recommend:

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If you're looking for fast shipping and fair prices, you'll definitely want to purchase your canning jars from Amazon. And if any of your products are damaged when you receive them, most shops offer free returns or exchanges. As far as convenience goes, Amazon is certainly a top contender.

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2. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to go when you're looking to get crafty—especially if it's important to you to support small businesses instead of large corporations. Whether you're looking to start with a blank slate or you want to buy jars that have already been transformed into whatever you need them to be, you're sure to find something to meet your needs. Here are some products that caught our eye:

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Although Etsy is a little more expensive than other retailers when it comes to bulk mason jars, you're more likely to have the ability to customize your products and get exactly what you want when you shop small. You also might have to wait longer for shipping—a small price to pay when you're getting exactly what you want. From simple, cheap jars to lovely, party-ready mason jar cups for your fancy drinks, there's something for everyone.

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3. Alibaba

Alibaba offers a variety of cheap canning jars in substantial quantities. This site is perfect for party planners, art teachers, candle making businesses, and anyone who uses many jars at once. Some of our favorites include:

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If you don't mind waiting for international shipping to process, Alibaba is absolutely the way to go if you plan to buy canning jars in bulk. The prices and variety alone make this virtually a one-stop shop for all of your canning and mason jar needs.

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ULINE is a no-nonsense site that offers nearly everything a business or restaurant might need to run smoothly. If you are looking for basic canning jars with lids, this is the perfect place for you.

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The ordering process for ULINE is straightforward and easy to use. Sold by the case, you'll save time and money if you buy in bulk through ULINE.

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5. Faire

Like Etsy, Faire is an international wholesale site that helps small businesses reach customers worldwide. Although you'll find mostly artisan goods, Faire also offers a variety of canning jars that serve many purposes.

Faire is best for you if…

If you are looking for premade party favors or would like to stock canned items in your own storefront, this is a wonderful place to start looking. While there are a few options for bulk canning jars, you're more likely to come across candles and decor.

The only downside to shopping through Fair is that you have to sign in if you want to view product details and a breakdown of prices—a minimal inconvenience when compared to the services and variety of products offered.

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What are Wholesale Mason Jars?

Wholesale mason jars are glass jars commonly used for canning and preserving food. The jars have a wide mouth and screw-on lid and are made of clear or amber glass.

Wholesale mason jars are sold in bulk quantities, typically at a volume discount. Businesses that resell products to retail customers often purchase jars in bulk, but individuals can also buy them for personal use.

Because there is no middleman, wholesale mason jars are typically much cheaper than retail mason jars. However, the bulk quantity can be difficult to store and transport, and the jars may be of a different quality than retail jars.

Nevertheless, wholesale mason jars can be a great way to save money on canning supplies or other projects requiring many mason jars.

Why are They Called Mason Jars?

Named after John Landis Mason, who patented the screw-on lid in 1858, Mason jars are glass canning containers that have threads molded into opening. Previously, people sealed canning jars with a hot wax process.

Mason's lid design made canning easier and more reliable, and the jars became wildly popular.

While other companies began producing versions of the Mason jar, the Ball Corporation became the most successful.

Today, Ball is still one of the most popular brands of Mason jars. The company produces various sizes and types of jars, making them a staple in many home canning kitchens.

Bottom Line

Mason jars are popular for canning and preserving food but are also frequently used for party favors, decoration, storage, and DIY projects.

You can find wholesale mason jars at many online retailers and some brick-and-mortar stores.

When shopping for wholesale mason jars, it's essential to consider the quantity you need, the size of the jars, and the type of glass.

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