10 Best Acrylic Wedding Invitation Ideas [2023]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on May 3, 2023 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Your wedding invitations should be as unique as you and your spouse-to-be are. There are so many ideas for wedding invitations that it can be challenging to settle on one.

Choosing an acrylic invitation will give your guests a glimpse into your unique style. Acrylic is a stiff, clear plastic that looks like glass. It can be designed to be ultra-sleek, modern, and minimalist, or intricate and elegant. The possibilities are endless.

Clear plastic wedding invitation

What are the best acrylic wedding invitations?

The best acrylic wedding invitation is one that emulates your style. It should be as beautiful and unique as your wedding will be. Here are the best acrylic wedding invitations to choose from:

1. Modern Calligraphy Template

Modern Calligraphy Template

The modern calligraphy template is perfect if you want your wedding to be formal and elegant. This style combines modern type with minimalism, making the text visually appealing and still easy to read.

You can have these invitations printed on frosted or clear stock. If you are concerned that the invitations might get scratched up in the mail, choose frosted stock over the clear variety.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

The modern calligraphy template presents your names in neat cursive while the remaining text is in basic print.

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2. Elegant Frame Template

Elegant Frame Template

The visual appeal of a framed picture or painting can be reinterpreted for wedding invitations. The elegant frame template will draw your guests' eyes right to the text that gives them details of your special day. The curl of the calligraphy makes your and your partner’s names stand out on the invitation.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

Another way to draw your guests' eyes to your invitation is to alter the color of certain words or symbols. This makes it easy to truly personalize the invitations you send out.

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3. Simplicity Swirls Template

Simplicity Swirls Template

Sometimes you want to cut right to the chase. You can do that when you choose the Simplicity Swirls Template. A unique template that your guests will remember, it makes your names the largest and most prominent text.

The details of the day are printed below, with the name of your venue in bigger print. At a glance, guests will get the most important information right away.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

For the romantic at heart, the Simplicity Swirls Template is the perfect choice for capturing the day’s meaning.

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4. Sweet Grass Template

Sweet Grass Template

A rustic-style invitation is a perfect choice for couples who appreciate the outdoors. You’ll want to see the Sweet Grass Template if you are one of them. This template features your first initials stamped on the top right corner of the invitation. The left side, along with the text, displays beautiful stems of grass.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

The sweet grass template is not your typical wedding invitation template, making it appealing if you want to pay tribute to nature.

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5. Framed Wreath Template

Framed Wreath Template

Like the sweet grass template, the Framed Wreath Template is also rustic. The simple wreath cupping your initials will make your guests smile as soon as they see it. It’s a great way to show that you and your partner are about to launch your path on the circle of life.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

The addition of the wreath makes this an excellent template for a December wedding.

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6. Delicate Devotion Template

Delicate Devotion Template

If you and your partner appreciate the simple things in life, you’ll love the Delicate Devotion Template. While most wedding invitations are read vertically, this one is horizontal. It includes only the most crucial information about your big day.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

If you don’t want your invitations to be wordy, the Delicate Devotion Template is the perfect choice,

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7. Botanical Arch Template

Botanical Arch Template

Fall foliage often indicates the beginning of something new. This makes the Botanical Arch Template ideal for many couples. To the right of the text is a cascade of foliage that draws your eyes from the top of the invitation to the bottom.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

Anyone who appreciates the beauty of the fall season will likely consider the Botanical Arch template perfect for their wedding invitations.

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8. Marker Script Template

Marker Script Template

As children, most of us enjoyed scribbling on paper with markers. To honor your inner child on the occasion of your wedding, consider the Marker Script Template. Your names are written in that thick print we all know markers make. In slightly thinner print, the name of your venue appears to be written by marker, while the rest of the text is plain type.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

The unique style of the marker script is perfect for couples who appreciate the nostalgia of their childhoods.

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9. Ornate Calligraphy Template

Ornate Calligraphy Template

The Ornate Calligraphy Template is an excellent fit for the most formal, traditional weddings. If you prefer old-fashioned styles, this template will likely be everything you want in an invitation. The picture of elegance, it shows that your wedding will be a sophisticated event.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

This template is fancy and brings to mind royalty and luxury, which are often important parts of many weddings.

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10. Beautiful Night Template

Beautiful Night Template

A wish upon a star can turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary one. That is the idea behind the Beautiful Night Template.

Dotted with a series of small stars, it serves as a reminder of how big this world is and how lucky you are to find the one person in it you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Why we love this acrylic invitation

Few people can resist the allure of a shooting star and its meaning. This is the ideal wedding invitation template for couples whose dreams reach the sky.

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Bottom Line

Clear wedding invitation

Acrylic wedding invitations are unique because they are made from a clear, durable material. This makes them stand out from traditional paper invitations and can add a touch of elegance to your wedding. They are also more durable than paper invitations, so they are less likely to get bent in the mail.

However, there are a few things to consider before ordering acrylic invites. First, they can be more expensive than paper invitations.

Second, they can be more difficult to personalize than paper invitations. Finally, they can be more fragile than paper invitations, so they must be handled carefully.

Overall, wedding invites made from acrylic are a unique and stylish way to invite your guests to your wedding. However, they are more expensive and more difficult to personalize than paper invitations.

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