7 Best Men's Diamond Wedding Bands [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 5, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Wedding rings symbolize everlasting love, and while much of the focus is on the bride’s engagement ring, men’s rings are starting to get some attention. Many still opt for the solid band, but more men are branching out into diamond wedding bands.

Often left for the last task on the wedding prep list, the choice is a very personal one.

Every man has his own preferences, so settling on the perfect ring can be difficult. Well, we’re bringing you a little inspiration with the seven best diamond wedding bands for men.

Man wearing a diamond wedding ring

What are the best men’s wedding rings with diamonds?

Choosing a men’s wedding band with diamonds can be a nice touch and make the groom feel just as special as the bride. Traditionally, the bride purchases the groom’s wedding band.

Many couples choose the men’s wedding band together. Either way, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding band, keep reading as we share the seven best diamond wedding bands for men.


1. Diamond Channel-Set Wedding Ring


Diamond Channel-Set Wedding Ring

If you’re wanting something to level up the traditional wedding band, choose a channel set. From the Art Deco era, it is designed with clean and symmetrical lines and still provides a conservative look, with diamonds added for elegance.

Blue Nile’s Diamond Channel-Set Wedding Ring comes in 14K white gold or platinum with a 1/3 ct. total weight. It features illuminating prongless channel-set with stones that span the center of the band, adding a little shimmer and personality.

Why the Diamond Channel-Set Wedding Band is a Great Choice:

It’s a wonderful way to add a little originality to a traditional men’s wedding band. Blue Nile also offers free shipping and returns.

Check Prices at Blue Nile


2. Milgrain Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Ring


Milgrain Channel Set Diamond Wedding Ring

Another exquisite channel-set wedding band is the Milgrain Channel-Set Diamond Wedding Ring, also from Blue Nile. Available in 14K white gold or platinum, starting at $1592, it features seven round white diamonds housed between two milgrain detailed rows.

Used for over a century, milgrain is a technique that adds beads to create an interesting border. Guys can be rough on rings, channel settings protect diamonds, and the deep setting in the band ensures they don’t get caught on clothing.

Why the Milgrain Channel Set Diamond Band is a Great Choice:

It is durable and stunning all at the same time and has a great price!

Check Prices at Blue Nile


3. Single Diamond Comfort Fit Wedding Ring


Single Diamond Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Fit is a huge part of the wedding band decision for men. There is a new trend in wedding bands – the comfort fit band. No matter the style of the ring, any can be designed with a comfort fit.

Comfort fit rings offer a curve on the underside, making it easier to get used to and less likely to bother the groom. The 6mm Single Diamond Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in Platinum makes a big statement very subtlety. Made of solid platinum and curved for comfort, the look is finished off with the beauty of one single diamond.

Why the Single Diamond Comfort Fit Ring is a Great Choice:

It’s comfortable to wear, beautiful to look at, and comes at a great price.

Check Prices at Blue Nile


4. Satin Finish Diamond Wedding Band in Grey Tantalum


Tantalum Satin Finish Wedding Band with Diamonds

The gorgeous Satin Finish Diamond Wedding Band in Grey Tantalum offers a much heavier feel than titanium and is pretty scratch-resistant when wearing your wedding band on a daily basis.

While being durable, it also makes quite a statement with a row of flush set white diamonds halfway through the band. Tantalum has a beautiful rich color that shines. Tantalum is also less expensive than gold or platinum, which helps with the wedding budget.

Why the Tantalum Satin Finish Band is a Great Choice:

It has a comfortable fit and is durable enough for the man in your life.

Check Prices at Blue Nile


5. Two-Tone Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Band


Two-Tone Lab-Grown Diamond Wedding Band

Helzberg Diamonds brings us this Light heart Men’s Two-Tone 1 carat Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Bandin 14K yellow and white gold. Priced at $4K, it features a one carat round brilliant cut lab-grown diamond.

The stone is GCAL-certified and reflects bold light from fifty-eight facets like a natural diamond. The gold band features beveled details to add artful style to the band. When you choose lab-grown diamonds, you know they have been ethically grown.

Why the Two-Tone Lab-Grown Diamond Ring is a Great Choice:

Helzberg is the leader in lab-grown diamonds, growing diamonds from a tiny diamond seed.

Check Prices at Helzberg Diamonds


6. Diamond Wedding Band with Three-Row Setting


Diamond Wedding Band with Three-Row Setting

Another lab-grown creation from Helzberg, the Light heart men’s two carat diamond wedding band has a three-row setting in 10K white gold. This stunning wedding band offers beauty as well as artisanship with thirty-seven GCAL-certified round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds.

Ethically sourced and eco-friendly are important features for many people, and if this is you – this may be your ring! Chemically the same as earth-mined diamonds, they offer a beautiful look with no imperfections!

Why a Three-Row Setting Wedding Band is a Great Choice:

Helzberg is not only the leader in lab-grown diamonds but also offers high-quality jewelry, and has for over a century.

Check Prices at Helzberg Diamonds


7. Diamond Band in 14k Yellow & White Gold


Diamond Band in 14k Yellow & White Gold

This beautiful half carat diamond band in 14K yellow and white gold combines the beauty of the two metal finishes surrounding a row of beautiful stones for just under $2000.

The combination of white and yellow gold offers additional color and depth to the look of your wedding band. The diamonds add just a little flash of sparkle to a traditional looking men’s wedding band.

Why a Diamond Band in 14K Yellow & White Gold is a Great Choice:

It’s affordable, traditional, and has a unique look.

Check Prices at Helzberg Diamonds

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men wear diamond wedding bands?

While diamonds have traditionally been associated with women’s wedding rings, there is no reason men cannot also enjoy the beauty of these stones.

Wearing a diamond wedding band can be an excellent way for a man to show his commitment to marriage.

Additionally, diamond rings are very classy and can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Whether you choose a simple band or a more elaborate ring, wearing a diamond wedding band is a great way to show you are serious about your relationship.

How much does the average men’s wedding ring cost?

The average cost of a wedding ring for men ranges from $350 to $5,000. However, the cost of a diamond wedding ring will vary greatly depending on the type of metal, the style of the ring, and the size of the diamonds used.

Gold and platinum are the most traditional metals for men’s wedding rings, although tungsten and titanium are also popular choices. Gold rings are typically more expensive than silver or titanium rings, but platinum is the most expensive metal of all.

The style of the ring also affects the price, with simple bands typically being less expensive than more ornate designs. Finally, the size of the ring also impacts the cost, with larger rings costing more than smaller ones.

What types of metal are best for men’s diamond wedding bands?

When choosing the best types of metal for men’s diamond wedding bands, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, and how the metal complements the diamond color. The choice of metal not only reflects a man’s unique style but also symbolizes the enduring love story that the wedding band represents. Here are some popular metals that are commonly used for classic men’s wedding bands with diamonds:

Platinum: Known for its strength and durability, platinum is an excellent choice for men’s wedding bands. Its naturally white sheen doesn’t cast any color onto the diamond, allowing the diamond’s true color to shine through. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

White Gold: White gold is another popular choice for men’s wedding bands featuring diamonds. It has a similar silvery-white appearance to platinum but at a more budget-friendly price point. White gold is often coated in rhodium to enhance its durability and improve its appearance, which may need periodic re-coating to maintain its luster.

Yellow Gold: For a more traditional look, yellow gold is a timeless choice that adds warmth and classic style to men’s wedding bands. Yellow gold can contrast beautifully with the clear, sparkling appearance of diamonds, providing a rich backdrop that enhances the diamond color.

Rose Gold: Offering a more unique and contemporary look, rose gold is becoming increasingly popular for men’s wedding bands. Its warm pinkish hue creates a distinctive contrast with the brilliance of diamonds, making it a great choice for those who want a band that stands out.

Tungsten: Tungsten is one of the hardest metals available for jewelry, making it extremely durable and scratch-resistant. While it offers a more modern look, it is typically darker in color and heavier than other metals, which should be considered when thinking about size and comfort.

Titanium: Known for being both lightweight and strong, titanium is another excellent option for men’s diamond wedding bands. It has a slightly darker grey tone, which can make for a striking modern aesthetic, contrasting interestingly with the traditional brilliance of diamonds.

When choosing the metal for a men’s wedding band, consider the ring size, daily wear and tear, lifestyle, and personal taste in style. Each metal has its advantages, and the right choice depends on which qualities are most important to the wearer.

What care is required to maintain a men’s diamond wedding band?

Maintaining a men’s diamond wedding band, especially one crafted from materials like 14k yellow gold and adorned with stones like sapphire, requires specific care to ensure its longevity and luster. Here are several options for properly caring for such a precious piece of jewelry:

Regular Cleaning: To keep your diamond and sapphire wedding band sparkling, regular cleaning is essential. You can clean your 14k yellow gold band at home using a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and a mild soap. Gently scrub the band and the stones to remove any buildup of dirt or oils that can dull their appearance. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Professional Cleaning and Inspection: At least once a year, take your wedding band to a professional jeweler for a deep clean and inspection. The jeweler can check for any loose stones, especially diamonds and sapphires, and ensure the settings are secure. They can also professionally polish the gold, which can help maintain its shine and remove any superficial scratches.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When wearing your wedding band, be mindful of exposure to harsh chemicals that can damage both the metal and the gemstones. Remove your ring during activities like cleaning, gardening, or any labor-intensive work where the ring might come into contact with abrasive substances or get knocked.

Storage: When not wearing your wedding band, store it in a fabric-lined jewelry box where it won’t get scratched by other pieces of jewelry. Ideally, each piece should have its own compartment to avoid contact scratches. It’s also good practice to store your ring in a cool, dry place.

Avoiding Physical Damage: Although 14k yellow gold is durable, it can still be dented or warped under pressure. Be cautious during physical activities and consider removing your yellow gold ring if there’s a risk of harsh impact. For stones like sapphire, while they are durable, they can still suffer chips or cracks upon impact.

By following these care guidelines, your men’s diamond wedding band will not only match your daily style but will also remain a cherished symbol of your commitment for many years. These steps help ensure that both the aesthetics and structural integrity of your ring are preserved.

Bottom Line

Man wearing a diamond wedding band

When choosing the perfect men’s wedding band, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to find a ring that suits your style.

A diamond ring may be a perfect choice if you’re looking for something unique and eye-catching. And thanks to the wide selection of rings available online, it’s easy to find the perfect diamond band for your big day.

When shopping for a diamond ring, it’s essential to remember the “4 Cs.” Carat weight, cut, color, and clarity all play a role in determining a diamond’s quality and value.

Work with one of our recommended jewelers to find a ring that meets your budget and expectations. And remember to factor in the cost of jewelry insurance when buying a ring online.

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