10 Best Wedding Bands for Oval Engagement Rings [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 3, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

So you’re planning on getting married, congratulations! Now it’s time to secure your wedding bands.

For her, you’ll want to find a wedding band that will compliment her oval engagement ring without turning it into a time-consuming and stressful task.

Since she’ll be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, it’s essential to find just the right one. The good news is that it’s easy to find the best possible wedding bands with our recommendations.

oval engagement ring

What is the Best Wedding Band for Oval Engagement Rings?

Some of the top jewelers in the world sell wedding bands that are perfect for oval engagement rings. Without further adieu, here are the best wedding bands for oval rings:

1. Riviera Pave Diamond Ring

Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring

Your bride-to-be deserves the best of everything. If, like most women, she can’t resist the beauty of a shining diamond, you’ll want to get her the Riviera Pave Diamond Ring. This ring boasts 13 diamonds and weighs 0.50. It’s made of platinum metal and designed to fit comfortably.

The pave setting means that the gemstones are clustered close together in a way that creates a texture similar to a paved sidewalk. This is accomplished by holding the gems on the ring with small prongs.

To avoid wasting time, it pays to browse the Blue Nile website and mark your favorites. You can go to the nearest showroom to see them in person before choosing one.

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2. Curved Diamond Guard

Curved Diamond Guard

Sometimes, unconventional wedding bands for oval rings are the way to go. One example of this is the Curved Diamond Guard. Classic 14-karat white, this ring is stunning to look at.

It’s rhodium plated and pairs well with an oval engagement ring. The only downside to this ring is that it can’t be resized because of its unusual shape.

Thanks to pictures from multiple angles, you can see what a ring looks like on its own and how it will look on your hand.

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3. Curved Diamond Wedding Ring

Curved Diamond Wedding Ring

Blue Nile’s Curved Diamond Band is simple but eye-catching. It has 17 round-cut diamonds set in a single row. The design means it will wrap around your engagement ring but won’t overshadow it. Made of 14-karat white gold, this is one ring any bride can be proud to wear.

When you order a ring from Blue Nile, you can automatically have it appraised so you’ll know what it’s worth before you even get it.

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4. Regal Curved Diamond Band

Regal Curved Diamond Band

Some wedding bands for oval rings are more elaborate than others. Blue Nile’s Regal Curved Diamond Band is one of them. Its eight-round diamonds make the ring an unforgettable sight. The split sides and curve mean that it will look good on you and be as comfortable as it looks.

Blue Nile will always tell you if a particular ring you are looking at comes in more than one type of metal. For the most discerning brides, this is a great benefit to have.

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5. Vintage Curved Matching Diamond Wedding Ring

Vintage Curved Matching Diamond Wedding Ring

If you already purchased one of the Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings, you’ll probably want to pair it with the matching wedding band. The classic style of this ring means you’ll want to pass it down to future generations. Made with 14-karat white gold, this ring will hold up over time when properly cared for.

With 20 center-round diamonds, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful or valuable ring. The pave setting of the diamonds enhances the ring’s texture and makes it something you’ll lovingly admire every time you look at it.

The Vintage Diamond series of wedding and engagement rings is vast. If you see one you like but aren’t sure it’s the one, the Blue Nile website will automatically show you the other rings in the series.

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6. Petite Curved Wedding Ring

Petite Curved Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for a simple wedding band for an oval diamond, Brilliant Earth’s Petite Curved Wedding Ring is an ideal choice. The ring is available in 14-k Rose Gold, and the 18-k version comes in white or yellow gold. Or, for an extra fee, you can opt for platinum.

Choosing wedding rings should be an activity every engaged couple shares. So if you find one on the Brilliant Earth site you want your partner to see, you can use the drop hint feature to show them which ring you’re looking at.

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7. Chevron Diamond Wedding Band

Chevron Diamond Wedding Band

The Chevron Diamond Wedding Band is shaped like a heart. While it will pair well with an engagement ring, it can be worn alone and be just as special. This ring is available in 1/3 and 1/6 karats. If you choose a 14-karat ring, it comes in Rose Gold. If you select an 18-karat ring, they come in white gold and yellow gold. Featuring 19 round diamonds, this scalloped pave ring would look beautiful on any woman.

A unique feature on the Brilliant Earth site allows you to see what their rings look like against any shade of skin, from light to dark.

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8. Crescent Diamond Wedding Band

Crescent Diamond Wedding Band

The Crescent Diamond Wedding Band is named after its shape. It can be paired with your engagement ring or any other one you might wear. There are six diamonds in this ring, both round and pear-shaped. Only available in 18-karat yellow gold, this ring will bring a smile to your face every day.

Each ring sold by Brilliant Earth was created with recycled metal, making them environmentally friendly rings you can be proud to wear.

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9. Diamond Twist Contour Band

Diamond Twist Contour Band

The Diamond Twist Contour Band is sold exclusively online by Zales. Made with 14k white gold, it boasts polished ribbons and is lined with beautiful diamonds. If you’re looking for an oval solitaire engagement ring with a wedding band, you will love owning and wearing this ring.

What Zales does best when it comes to wedding bands for oval rings

You always have the option of seeing what this ring looks like on a model’s hand before you decide if it’s right for you.

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10. Diamond Round Chevron Vintage-Style Wedding Band

Diamond Crown Chevron Vintage-Style Wedding Band

When it comes to wedding bands that pair well with oval engagement rings, consider purchasing the Diamond Round Chevron Vintage-Style Wedding Band. The ring is available in white, yellow, and Rose gold. The band is lined with diamonds that shimmer in the light. Its intricate details make it even more eye-catching.

If you choose the Zales protection plan, the cost includes size adjustments, engraving, and the tightening and repair of stones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of wedding bands complement oval engagement rings?

When selecting a wedding band to complement an oval engagement ring, it’s important to choose a style that enhances the elongated shape of the oval cut diamond while ensuring the overall look remains harmonious and balanced. Here are some styles of wedding bands that pair beautifully with oval engagement rings:

Classic Plain Band: A simple, plain band in the same metal as the engagement ring can provide a timeless and elegant look. This style keeps the focus on the oval cut diamond and offers a sleek and sophisticated complement.

Pave Band: A pave wedding band, featuring small diamonds set closely together, adds extra sparkle and enhances the brilliance of the oval cut diamonds. This style can beautifully frame the engagement ring, creating a cohesive and dazzling effect.

Contoured or Curved Band: A contoured or curved wedding band is designed to fit snugly against the engagement ring, following the shape of the oval diamond. This ensures a seamless fit and a comfortable wear, while also highlighting the unique elongated shape of the oval engagement ring.

Eternity Band: An eternity band, adorned with a continuous line of diamonds or gemstones, provides a luxurious and complementary look. This style adds significant sparkle and can accentuate the oval engagement ring’s brilliance, especially when the stones are set in a similar size to those on the engagement ring.

Twisted or Intertwined Band: A twisted or intertwined band offers a unique and modern aesthetic that can add visual interest to the ring set. This style can symbolize the intertwining of two lives and provides a distinctive look that complements the elongated shape of the oval cut diamond.

Vintage-Inspired Band: For a touch of romance and antique charm, a vintage-inspired wedding band with intricate details like milgrain edges, filigree work, or small accent stones can beautifully complement an oval engagement ring. This style adds character and a timeless appeal to the overall look.

Bezel-Set Band: A bezel-set wedding band, where each diamond is encased in metal, offers a sleek and contemporary design. This style ensures durability and a secure setting for the stones, while complementing the smooth curves of the oval engagement ring.

By considering these styles, you can choose a wedding band that perfectly complements your oval engagement ring, enhancing its beauty and creating a cohesive and stunning look for your wedding set.

Should the wedding band match the metal of the oval engagement ring?

Whether the wedding band should match the metal of the oval engagement ring depends on personal preference, but there are several factors to consider to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look.

Cohesion and Consistency: Matching the metal of the wedding band to the oval engagement ring often provides a cohesive and consistent appearance. For example, if your oval engagement ring is set in yellow gold, pairing it with a yellow gold wedding band creates a unified look that enhances the overall elegance of the set. This is especially effective for classic styles, like a halo engagement ring with oval diamonds, as the consistent metal color draws attention to the diamond shape and carat weight without any visual disruption.

Contrast and Modern Style: Alternatively, some brides prefer a mixed-metal look, which can add a contemporary and stylish flair to their wedding jewelry. For instance, pairing a white gold or platinum wedding band with a yellow gold oval cut engagement ring creates a striking contrast that can be visually appealing. This approach allows for more versatility and can showcase individual style preferences while still highlighting the beauty of the oval diamonds.

Diamond and Gemstone Setting: Consider the setting of the diamonds or gemstones on both the engagement ring and the wedding band. If your engagement ring features a halo of smaller diamonds around the oval cut center stone, matching the metal of the wedding band to the engagement ring can help maintain a seamless transition between the two rings. This is particularly important when the diamond shape and carat weight are similar, as a matching metal can enhance the sparkle and continuity.

Personal Comfort and Aesthetic: Ultimately, the decision should reflect your personal comfort and aesthetic preferences. Some brides find that matching metals feels more traditional and elegant, while others enjoy the unique and modern look of mixed metals. Trying on different combinations can help you determine which style resonates most with you.

In summary, while matching the metal of the wedding band to the oval engagement ring is a popular choice for its cohesive and consistent look, opting for a mixed-metal combination can also be a beautiful and contemporary alternative. Consider the overall aesthetic, setting, and personal style to make the best decision for your wedding jewelry.

How do I choose a wedding band that fits well with an oval ring?

Choosing a wedding band that fits well with an oval ring involves considering the overall design, style, and how the band complements the focal point of the engagement ring. One of the simplest ways to ensure a cohesive look is to match the metal of your wedding band with the metal of your oval engagement ring, creating a unified appearance that enhances the overall elegance of your ring set. For example, if your oval ring is set in yellow gold, opting for a yellow gold wedding band will maintain a consistent and harmonious look.

Contour or curved bands are also popular wedding band styles that work particularly well with oval rings, especially those with a halo engagement ring setting. These bands are designed to fit snugly against the curve of the oval ring, ensuring that the wedding band sits flush without leaving gaps, providing a seamless fit. Another great option is a pave or eternity band, which features a continuous line of small diamonds or gemstones. This style can add extra sparkle and complement the brilliance of the oval ring without overpowering the focal point.

For a modern and unique approach, consider a mixed-metal band. This can create an interesting contrast that highlights the oval ring while adding a contemporary flair to your bridal set. Whether you choose a matching metal, a contour band, or a pave style, the key is to ensure that the wedding band enhances and complements the oval engagement ring, maintaining its prominence as the central focal point.

Bottom Line

curved wedding band

If you’re looking to match a stunning oval diamond engagement ring with an equally stunning wedding band, then you should consider the unique beauty of a curved ring.

Perfectly complementing the contours of your special piece and featuring diamonds inlaid within its curves, a curved wedding band embraces your fingers in elegant style and offers a striking contrast to an otherwise classic oval design.

Best of all, these expertly crafted bands have been designed to sit flush against your diamond engagement ring to complete the look while providing lasting durability.

Whether it’s for your special day or just to show how much you care, a curved wedding band symbolizes the eternal bond between two people that only comes with marriage.

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