10 Best All-in-One Wedding Invitations [2023]

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Traditionally, brides- and grooms-to-be had to stuff envelopes with many pieces of paper to convey all the information about their wedding: the invitation itself, invites to special events, RSVP cards, website details, and much more.

All-in-one wedding invitations make it possible to put all this information on a single page. It then folds over itself so you don’t have to mess around with envelopes. All you have to do is fold the paper over and seal it.

The best features of an all-in-one wedding invitation template are up to your preferences. Some people want to include personal photos of themselves and their significant other. Others want to include extra details such as website information. How you customize it and what you prioritize is up to you!

In general, all-in-one wedding invitation templates should include the following:

  • Wedding date and details
  • Extra details such as registry and website info
  • Photos if desired
  • RSVP card, preferably detachable
  • Sealing method

If you want a wedding invitation without the extra hassle, check out these top-quality all-in-one wedding invitations below.

Wedding invitation

What is The Best All-in-One Wedding Invitation Template?

All-in-one wedding invitation templates eliminate the need to stuff envelopes by putting all the information on a single page. Luckily, there are countless options in every style imaginable, so you can find a wedding invitation that perfectly fits your style.

Here are a few of our favorite templates:

1. Luster


Minted’s Luster All-in-One Foil-Pressed wedding invitation is an elegant, two-tone invitation with foil lettering. This invitation is an award-winning design with a fold-out card with a pre-addressed RSVP card.

All your guests have to do is remove the perforated card, fill it out, and put it back in the mail — no need to put it in an envelope or write a return address. As you customize this invitation, you can choose between a selection of colors, lettering styles, and paper type.

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2. After Midnight

After Midnight

Talk about a wedding invitation that is sure to stand out (which is definitely a good thing during the busy wedding season!).

Featuring a black background and a stunning floral design, the After Midnight All-in-One Foil-Pressed wedding invitation comes with everything you need for planning your guest list on a single piece of paper.

That means no separate RSVP cards to fill out and no envelopes to stuff — all you have to do is fold the paper over and seal it with the included stickers.

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3. Encircled Love

Encircled Love

The Encircled Love All-in-One Foil-Pressed wedding invitations feature a unique design bound to catch the eye.

With a simple white background, the invitation shows off the main focus — an encircled personal photo of you and your significant other.

The minimalist botanical-inspired frame keeps things understated but elegant. As with other high-quality all-in-one wedding invitations, the Encircled Love design features a perforated RSVP and a fold-over design, so you don’t need an envelope.

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4. Timeless Romance

Timeless Romance

Gorgeous calligraphy on a simple background and a personal photo of the two of you? It doesn’t get much better than that. The Timeless Romance Seal and Send has all your wedding information in one handy sheet.

It folds out into three sections: the top with your names and wedding information, the middle featuring your favorite engagement photo, and the bottom with all the info your guests need to RSVP.

As with any good all-in-one wedding invitation, no envelope is necessary, making the process easier for everyone involved.

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5. Photo Glaze

Photo Glaze

The Photo Glaze invitation from Basic Invite is sleek, modern, and attention-grabbing. It is perfect for couples whose wedding will be an elegant, trendy affair! The top portion features a bold, minimalistic design of your and your partner’s initials and wedding date.

The middle can be customized with your wedding information layered over a personal photo of you and your significant other.

On the bottom, your guests can detach the RSVP portion to fill out and put back in the mail, making the whole process as easy as possible.

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6. Engraved Floral

Engraved Floral

This elegant engraved invitation from Basic Invite has everything you need in one package. With a vintage monochrome feel, this all-in-one invite evokes the feeling of old-fashioned, rustic elegance that is perfect for a country wedding.

All your information is included in the fold-out invite, giving you the option to let your guests RSVP via the tear-away card or on your wedding website.

You can also customize the outside of the invitations with your guests’ names and mailing addresses to make getting them in the mail even easier.

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7. Floral Cascade

Floral Cascade

Floral Cascade

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This elegant all-in-one wedding invitation features a border of watercolor flowers for a classic springtime feel. The invitation is personalized with your and your significant other’s initials on the outside, then folded over so that they are quick and easy to mail.

Just fold it over and seal it with the included stickers, no need to stuff pieces of paper into an envelope. The tear-away RSVP card is included to make it extra easy for guests to plan for your special day.

8. Modern Rose

Modern Rose

If your wedding style is all about sharp, clean, and classic, you will love this modern wedding invitation. Featuring an illustration of two intertwined gold rings set against a navy blue background, they immediately communicate elegance.

The included RSVP card is attached to the bottom of the invitation on a perforated edge so guests can tear it off, fill it out, and drop it back in the mail. These are perfect for an upscale wedding lunch or country club evening affair!

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9. Brushed Overlay

Brushed Overlay

This gorgeous and romantic wedding invitation lets you personalize it with a picture of you and your significant other. The custom invitation includes a perforated RSVP card that guests can tear off, fill out, and drop back in the mail.

In addition, it includes an option to customize with a QR code for your wedding website or registry so guests can get all the information they need about your special day — all on one convenient piece of paper.

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10. Romantic Floral

Romantic Floral

These romantic floral invitations from Zazzle feature a stunning flower design inspired by old Dutch painters. The RSVP is included as a perforated tear-off card at the bottom of the invitation, making it easy for guests to remove and put it back in the mail.

No envelope is necessary — all you have to do is fold the customized invitation and seal it with the included stickers. If you are looking for something classic and elegant, these floral wedding invitations are a perfect choice.

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What is an all-in-one wedding invitation?

An all-in-one wedding invitation has everything you need in one simple piece. It includes the main invite, RSVP card, and even a return envelope.

The invitation folds up, so it’s easy to send. Your guests get all the important information in one place. They can see the wedding details and reply with the RSVP card.

All they have to do is fold it back up and send it back. It’s a smart and easy way to invite people to your wedding. Plus, it helps save money and the environment too!

Bottom Line

Invitation to a wedding

Unsurprisingly, all-in-one wedding invitations with RSVP cards are a popular alternative to traditional invites. First, it’s easier for you. Everything comes in one package. You don’t have to buy separate cards.

Second, it’s simpler for your guests. They can quickly send back the RSVP. They’ll love how easy it is.

Third, it saves money. You only pay for one set of cards, not two. You can spend the extra money on something else.

Lastly, it’s better for the environment. You use less paper and help save trees. So, think about all-in-one wedding invitations for a simple, smart choice!

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