10 Best 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on April 24, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Celebrating 50 years of marriage is a fantastic achievement that deserves a special anniversary gift celebrating your love. However, knowing what to get your spouse after so many years together can be challenging.

After all, you’ve bought them so many things over the years that you might be all out of ideas. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

We found the best 50th anniversary gifts available today to make this search easier and more fun for you and your loved one. So, share this list with them so they know what to get you!

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What is a traditional 50 year wedding anniversary gift?

The traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift is gold because any marriage that lasts 50 years has set a gold standard for all others to follow. Thankfully, you can find many 50-year anniversary gifts online, particularly in jewelry shops.

To help you find something your spouse will love, we collected today’s ten best 50th anniversary gifts on the market. Look through these options to find something your spouse will love: we promise there’s something for everybody available here.

1. Engravable Horizontal Bar Pendant

Engravable Horizontal Bar Pendant

Brilliant Earth’s gorgeous engravable horizontal bar pendant uses 14-karat gold to produce an attractive, minimalist style. It looks great on just about anyone and has a chic look that a modern jewelry fan will love, regardless of age.

Who Will Love This Gift

We suggest this gift to anyone who loves modern jewelry styles. Even if your spouse is well into their 70s, they can still easily show off this gorgeous and edgy look. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to stay abreast of modern looks.

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2. Engravable Diamond Heart Charm

Engravable Diamond Heart Charm

Though Brilliant Earth produces mainly modern jewelry styles, they also manufacture some great vintage designs. For example, this heart-shaped necklace is tops when choosing 50-year anniversary gifts because it’s sleek and elegant and uses colors that match just about any skin tone.

Who Will Love This Gift

Does your spouse love heart-shaped jewelry? Then, they’ll likely love this necklace. Its gorgeous ring of diamonds will immediately catch the eye and make it a great option among 50th-anniversary gifts. It’s something that can also be passed down to your children later.

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3. Olivetta Diamond Ring

Olivetta Diamond Ring

When your 50-year anniversary rolls around, you need a new ring to celebrate your love. How about an 18-karat design with multiple pear-shaped diamonds along the band? You or your spouse will love this Olivetta diamond ring, particularly as an anniversary band, if you want to renew your vows.

Who Will Love This Gift

If your spouse prefers more subtle looks and doesn’t like being too flashy, they’ll love this ring. While gorgeous, it keeps its style low-key and should look great on just about anyone. It’s particularly lovely for stylish people who want a ring that stands out.

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4. Solid Gold Ring

Solid Gold Ring

If your man loves jewelry but is too “manly” to wear anything flashy, try this solid gold ring from Manly Bands. The Admiral uses 10-karat gold and a dark band that blends in well with their hand but also looks great. It possesses the broad and sturdy feel men want in rings.

Who Will Love This Gift

Any “manly man” who feels nice wearing a ring will love this band. It fits snugly onto any finger and looks fantastic with most skin tones. We particularly love its dark and textured band colors, as they produce a look unique among other jewelry options on this list.

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5. Solid Gold with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

Solid Gold with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel

Is your guy a whiskey drinker who loves a little sweetness now and then? We think he’ll adore The Honey. This golden ring includes a strip that uses a piece of a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel. That gives it both a touch of style and toughness that your guy will love.

Who Will Love This Gift

Any man who isn’t afraid to look great will wear this ring daily. Its lighter colors catch the eye, while its dark strip provides an appealing contrast that helps it stand tall among 50-year anniversary gifts. We suggest buying matching bands to make it even more meaningful.

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6. Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

Do you and your spouse make cocktails regularly and love bonding over drinks? Then, you should give them the gift that keeps on giving with this Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club membership. Every month, you get a box with ingredients and recipes to produce delicious cocktails daily.

Who Will Love This Gift

Anyone who likes making a nightly cocktail with their partner will obsess over this box. It’s great if you want a 50th-anniversary gift that gives you something to do together every evening.

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7. Hopebox Subscription

Hopebox Subscription

Anxiety can hit anyone at any time and can be hard to fight. Thankfully, you and your spouse can feel more hopeful with this Hopebox subscription. It includes regular gifts and motivational items designed to get you through life’s hard points. It’s a breath of fresh air that can keep you light and motivated.

Who Will Love This Box

Anyone who loves getting something fun and different regularly in the mail will love this gift. Its diverse range of anxiety-reducing items will help improve life for anyone who receives this gift. You can even get a two-person subscription to improve both of your lives.

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8. Romantic Message Personalized Leather 5 Slot Watch Box

Romantic Message Personalized Leather 5 Slot Watch Box

If your spouse wears fancy watches and needs a box to store them, they’ll love this personalized leather box. It includes room for five watches under a glass cover for easier access. On the surface, you add a personalized message of love they’ll see every time they use this box.

Who Will Love This Gift

Anyone who loves wearing watches will love this attractive and robust storage box. They’ll particularly enjoy seeing your personalized greeting every time they put on or store their watch.

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9. Heart Snapshot Mix Custom Photo Art

Heart Snapshot Mix Custom Photo Art

Photos showcase your marriage beautifully and highlight how you and your partner have grown together. Show them off with this attractive heart-shaped collage. Choose multiple pictures and send them to Minted, and they’ll produce a 50-year anniversary gift you’ll love.

Who Will Love This Gift

Any couple that obsessively takes photos will adore this beautiful heart-shaped photo collage. The artistically inclined will enjoy choosing pictures and laying them out to produce a unique look that makes your home more beautiful and interesting for visitors.

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10. Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

Personalized Anniversary Chronicle Canvas Print

Last but not least on our list of 50th anniversary gifts is this unique and personalized poster. You get your names and wedding date engraved on it, and important events at the time. These include birthdays, sports events, popular movies, songs, cost of living, and political details.

Who Will Love This Gift

If you and your spouse are history buffs, you’ll both love this gift. It provides a snapshot into life on your wedding day and brings perspective into how far you’ve traveled together as a couple. It hangs nicely on just about any wall surface, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I follow the traditional “gold” theme for a 50th anniversary gift?

For a golden wedding anniversary, embracing the traditional “gold” theme is highly recommended, especially to mark the momentous occasion of half a century together. Gold symbolizes the prosperity, strength, and wisdom that a couple has cultivated over fifty years, making it both a traditional and modern gift choice for this significant milestone.

Gold jewelry is a classic and popular choice, offering both elegance and timeless appeal. Whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace, or even gold-plated watches with gold rims, these pieces make for a deeply meaningful and practical gift that can be cherished and worn for many years to come.

Additionally, incorporating yellow roses into the celebration can add a layer of traditional beauty and symbolism, as these flowers are often associated with the 50th anniversary, representing joy and celebration.

Overall, selecting gifts that incorporate gold for a golden wedding anniversary not only adheres to the traditional theme but also offers a touch of luxury and significance, perfectly commensurate with such a grand celebration.

Are there any personalized gift options for a 50th anniversary?

Celebrating half a century together is a monumental milestone, and personalized gifts are an excellent way to mark this occasion. A 50th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to give a gift that not only commemorates the special event but also resonates deeply with your loved one.

One idea for a modern gift could be a personalized gift box filled with items that hold special meaning for both of you. This could include a custom-engraved piece of jewelry, perhaps with the date of your wedding or a sweet message that reflects your shared journey. Another thoughtful gift could be a beautifully bound album containing a collection of photographs highlighting key moments from the past five decades. Including a special photo from each year or from significant events could provide a touching trip down memory lane.

These personalized gifts allow for a unique celebration of the years spent together and the memories shared, making them a truly special way to acknowledge the achievement of fifty years in marriage. Each gift, carefully chosen or created with personal touches, becomes a meaningful symbol of love and dedication that has spanned half a century.

Bottom Line

image alt

Choosing a heartfelt, 50-year wedding anniversary gift without spending too much can seem like a challenge. I mean, it’s the “golden” anniversary, so it’s easy to think that the only appropriate gift is something fancy and gold. But hold on a minute! Remember, it’s the thought behind the gift that truly matters.

Take some time to think about the memories you’ve shared and the things your spouse truly enjoys. Maybe they love a certain hobby, or there’s a special place you both cherish. Use these ideas to inspire your gift choice.

Just keep in mind that the most important part of your golden anniversary is celebrating your love and the life you’ve built together. So, focus on finding a gift that shows how much you care, and you’ll make this anniversary one to remember without spending a fortune!

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