10 Best Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on April 21, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

So you decided not to get married in your backyard, but somewhere amazing, like a sandy beach or a stunning castle. Cool, right?

But how do you tell your friends and family about this awesome adventure? Easy-peasy - with a super-duper, fancy-schmancy destination wedding invitation!

This article will help you design the perfect “golden ticket” that says, “Hey, pack your bags, we’re getting hitched, and you’re coming along for the ride!”

Ready to get started?

Let’s dive into the world of wedding invitations that are so fun, they might even make Aunt Sally forget she’s afraid of flying!

Wedding invitation on plate

What are the best invitations for destination weddings?

Here are the best destination wedding invitations you’ll find on the internet:

1. Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

For many people, there is nothing more exciting than holding a plane ticket in their hands. That’s why the Bon Voyage destination wedding invitations are the perfect choice.

They are laid out much the way an airline ticket would be while still including all the relevant information about the time, date, and location of your ceremony. You can also choose from a few different layouts for the invitations, including square and round variations.

Why we love this invitation

Your Bon Voyage invitations will make your guests feel like they are already on the way to your wedding.

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2. Boston Skyline

Boston Skyline

If your destination wedding is in Boston, what’s better for the invitation than a drawing of the Boston Skyline?

Your text appears above the skyline, which is drawn in white against a black background. However, you can change the colors around if you want to. These invitations are not flashy or fancy but perfectly capture the mood of a Boston wedding.

Why we love this invitation

The Boston Skyline wedding invitations are simple but eye-catching, leaving an impression without being too over the top.

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3. Caribbean Palm

Caribbean Palm

When most people think of relaxation, they think of palm trees swaying in the breeze. If your destination wedding is in the Caribbean, your guests will love the Caribbean Palm wedding invitations. The text is hugged on both sides by the branches of palm trees. And above the details, you can have your first initials printed.

Why we love this invitation

The Caribbean Palm wedding invitations will immediately put your guests in the mood to attend a destination wedding.

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4. Mystic Mountains

Mystic Mountains

Not every destination wedding invitation has to be bold. You’ll find that the Mystic Mountains invitations are relaxing to look at. The choice of background colors are more muted shades, so you can perfectly capture the style you want for your invitations. Regarding the text, your names are in a large print, with everything else in a smaller print.

Why we love this invitation

The Mystic Mountains wedding invitations convey a sense of calmness that can help keep you and your guests centered for the big day.

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5. Modern Tropical

Modern Tropical

Wedding invitations should always be easy to read. One of the easiest is the Modern Tropical Invitations. The dark background includes palm leaves that are visible but not an eyesore. Information about your wedding is presented neatly in a logical format, making these basic invitations attractive.

Why we love this invitation

The Modern Tropical wedding invitations are perfect for couples looking for an understated way to announce their big day.

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6. Rocky Mountain The Adventure Begins

Rocky Mountain The Adventure Begins

There’s no wedding like one held in a quiet mountain town. Consider using the Rocky Mountain The Adventure Begins wedding invitations to prepare for yours. Referring to your wedding as an adventure will ready your guests for the fantastic time that they will have when they are there. The invitations include two birds in flight in the upper left corner and mountains and trees under the text. This is the perfect way to instill excitement in your guests.

Why we love this invitation

The trees and mountains look like they are painted in watercolors, making your wedding invitations fun and appealing for your guests to look at.

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7. Tropical Vintage Beach

Tropical Vintage Beach

For many couples, there is nothing more romantic than carving their initials into wet sand on the beach. That’s why the Tropical Vintage Beach destination wedding invitations are the perfect choice. The top of the invitation shows the bluest, calmest water you’ll ever see, with your initials carved in the sand and contained within interlocking hearts.

Why we love this invitation

If you are a romantic at heart and you’re having a much sought-after beach wedding, then the Tropical Vintage Beach wedding invitations perfectly capture the love you and your partner have for each other.

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8. Tropical Bouquet

Tropical Bouquet

Destination weddings are often billed as tropical getaways. If this is what you have in mind for your wedding, consider the Tropical Bouquet invitations. They include darkly colored flowers with dark green stems and leaves that anyone who truly appreciates flowers will enjoy. Set against a white background, the flowers really pop off the paper, immediately drawing your eyes to them.

Why we love this invitation

Since bouquets are associated with virtually every kind of wedding, the Tropical Bouquet invitations perfectly convey how special your big day is to you and your partner.

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9. Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple sketch to show your wedding day’s importance to you. The Fresh Air destination wedding invitations contain a simple drawing of mountains along the top of the invitation. The text is beautifully placed under the drawing and done in letterpress, making the invitation more visually impressive.

Why we love this invitation

The simple but impressive drawings make these invitations come to life and are perfect for outdoor weddings.

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10. Opulent Border

Opulent Border

No matter where your destination wedding is, Opulent Border is an excellent choice for your invitations. The text is surrounded by geometrical shapes that make the invitation look like a framed photo. These invitations are simple but give your guests something impressive to look at.

Why we love this invitation

Opulent Border invitations are classy and appealing in an understated way.

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How do destination wedding invitations differ from traditional wedding invitations?

Destination wedding invitations often differ from traditional wedding invitations in several key aspects, designed to address the unique needs and logistics of a wedding away from home. One of the primary differences is the inclusion of detailed information that is crucial for traveling guests. These invitations usually go beyond the basic “invite” to include travel details, accommodations, and itinerary for events like a welcome dinner or a boat trip.

Save the dates are particularly important for destination weddings and are often sent out much earlier than they might be for a local event. This early notice helps guests plan and decide if they can attend, considering travel arrangements and costs. Save the date magnets are a popular choice, as they can stick on a fridge, keeping the event top of mind and helping guests stay excited and reminded of the upcoming celebration.

The wording in destination wedding invitations also tends to provide more inspiration and a glimpse into the experience, not just the ceremony. It sets the tone for the adventure to a different country and can create anticipation for the unique aspects of the locale.

Moreover, the overall design might reflect the destination itself, with thematic elements that resonate with the location’s culture or scenery, adding an extra layer of excitement and making the invite stand out as not just a call to celebrate but also an invitation to share in a memorable travel experience.

Bottom Line

image alt

Using a pre-designed template for your wedding invitations is a great idea. It makes things easier and faster.

You don’t need to be a design pro to create stunning invites. With a template, you can design beautiful invitations that show your style.

Sending out invitations for a destination wedding can be a little tricky, though.

You need to give your guests enough time to plan. They might need to book flights, hotels, and take time off work. Make sure to send your invites early, about six to eight months before the big day.

With careful planning and a little extra time, you can send out perfect destination wedding invitations.

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