10 Best 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on April 28, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Celebrating your anniversary with your partner is exciting, but finding the right gift for the occasion can be challenging. Since you’ve already given your partner presents for previous anniversaries, 4-year anniversary gifts can be particularly hard to find.

The best 4th anniversary gifts should feel personal and unique. If you want to give your spouse a gift that can’t be found at the average store, you’ll want to check out these unique and affordable anniversary presents.

Couple giving gifts

What is a traditional 4-year anniversary gift?

The traditional gifts associated with a fourth anniversary are fruit and flowers. Fruit baskets and floral bouquets are always lovely to receive, but you don’t have to stick with something basic on this special occasion.

So if you’re trying to find 4-year anniversary gift ideas that fit the occasion, one of these ten present ideas should be perfect:

1. Love Letter Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Love Letter Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Sometimes, the best anniversary gifts are the ones you can eat! If you’d prefer to avoid gifts that take up lots of space, try giving your partner these decadent strawberries instead. The combination of strawberries and chocolate is fantastic, and once your spouse tries a bite, these treats won’t be around for long.

Not only is this gift delicious, but it’s also a creative twist on a traditional fourth anniversary gift. You can even personalize your present, making it feel even more romantic. Since it’ll be shipped to your partner, the strawberries will be incredibly fresh.

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2. Sweet and Pretty Bouquet

Sweet and Pretty Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet combines two of the most romantic flowers in the world: roses and carnations. The bright pink roses contrast beautifully with the more delicate white and pink flowers. It’ll arrive in a glass vase, so your flowers will be ready to display.

No flowers last forever, but when you order bouquets from Proflowers, you can trust that your blooms will stay fresh for a long time. Your bouquet will be shipped directly to your partner, and florists will take every precaution to keep the flowers in good condition.

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3. Burning Bed of Roses Gift Sets

Burning Bed of Roses Gift Sets

Have you ever seen scenes in movies where someone comes home to a bed covered in rose petals? With this gift, you can bring those scenes to life. A bed of roses is incredibly romantic, and the fresh scent of the roses will make your room smell amazing.

If you’re planning a romantic night in with your partner for your anniversary, a gift like this is the perfect way to celebrate. It’s a way to express your passion to your partner. Even after the night ends, your partner will fondly remember this intimate and special gift.

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4. Kalamera Mini Fridge Wine Cooler

Kalamera Mini Fridge Wine Cooler

If you were already planning on picking up a bottle of wine for you and your partner to enjoy, why not go the extra mile and invest in a wine fridge? This mini fridge from Kalamera comes in multiple sizes and can hold 12 or 24 bottles of wine. It has a range of temperature settings, allowing you to store your wine at the perfect temperature.

Since the mini fridge has a glass door, you can browse your wine selection at a glance. Don’t worry if you have kids in the house! The fridge also comes with a safety lock.

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5. Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer

Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juicer

Fresh-squeezed fruit juice tastes amazing in the morning and is also loaded with nutrients. With this premium stainless steel juicer and fountain, you can make gourmet fruit juice at home! Best of all, you won’t have to slice fruits or vegetables before you juice them.

The juicer is equipped with multiple speed settings and a froth separator so you can pour yourself a full glass of juice. It’s also easy to store when it’s not in use! Your spouse will be thrilled to receive this juicer, but you’ll love drinking the fresh juice you make too.

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6. Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

If you’ve been searching for 4-year anniversary gifts that involve fruit in some way, you can’t go wrong with a blender. This professional-grade blender from Vitamix is perfect for making fruit juice, smoothies, and other blended foods. Thanks to its hardened steel blades, it can slide through foods with ease.

Not only is this blender powerful, but it’s incredibly versatile. It’s capable of blending, chopping, and even emulsifying foods! It even has a built-in timer to ensure you blend things to the perfect consistency. A Vitamix blender is a gift your spouse can use all the time!

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7. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are known for their durability and sparkle. That’s why diamonds are traditionally used for engagement rings. You already gave your spouse diamonds when you asked her to share your life with you, so why not give her another diamond gift for your anniversary celebration?

This elegant tennis bracelet features round diamonds and 14k gold. It has a box catch clasp with a hidden safety to keep the bracelet secure whenever it’s worn.

You can choose your preferred metal and karat weight to ensure the bracelet perfectly matches your spouse’s taste and preferences.

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8. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings look stunning with any formal outfit, but they’re also a fantastic way to dress up an everyday look.

The earrings are made by Blue Nile, a brand known for using conflict-free diamonds in all its jewelry. Blue Nile also has exceptional customer service and provides a free lifetime warranty on all its products.

In addition to selecting the metal for the earring backing, you can pick out the carat weight of the earrings. Options range from a carat weight of 1/5 to 4. Every pair of earrings is made from high-quality diamonds that are virtually colorless.

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9. London Blue Topaz Rope Pendant

London Blue Topaz Rope Pendant

Diamonds aren’t your only option if you’re looking for the perfect anniversary jewelry for your spouse. Other gemstones, like sparkling blue topaz, also make a fantastic gift. This sleek sterling silver pendant necklace features gorgeous blue topaz. It’s a distinctive piece of jewelry that’s sure to get lots of compliments.

The necklace has a lobster clasp and can be worn at two different lengths, making it easy to pair with a wide range of outfits. While the blue topaz is breathtaking, other stones are also available, like aquamarine, opal, and even pearl!

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10. Hello Fresh Gift Card

Hello Fresh Gift Card

The best 4th anniversary gifts aren’t always a present you can open. Instead of giving your partner a traditional present, why not give them the gift of time?

With a Hello Fresh gift card, the two of you will receive ingredients and recipes that you can use to make gourmet meals together.

Grocery shopping and meal planning can be stressful. Hello Fresh can reduce stress and send you everything you need to make amazing food at home. If you’re busy, cooking with your spouse is a wonderful way for the two of you to spend quality time with each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there modern alternatives to traditional 4 year anniversary gifts?

Yes, there are modern alternatives to traditional 4 year anniversary gifts that can offer a fresh and unique way to celebrate your fourth wedding anniversary. While the traditional gift for this milestone is fruit or flowers, modern anniversary gifts often include appliances or technology, which can be both practical and meaningful.

For a modern anniversary gift, consider giving a high-tech gadget or smart home device that suits your partner’s interests and lifestyle. For example, a new tablet, smart speaker, or even a high-quality coffee maker can make for a perfect anniversary gift. These items not only reflect the modern approach but also serve as practical gifts that can be used daily.

Combining traditional and modern gift elements can also be a thoughtful approach. You might pair a bouquet of flowers with a sleek new kitchen appliance or include a fruit basket alongside a stylish smartwatch. This way, you honor both the traditional gift and the contemporary alternative.

Other gift suggestions include personalized items such as custom-engraved cutting boards, photo books highlighting moments from your wedding date to the present, or a luxury watch. These gifts can be personalized to add a touch of sentimentality and make them more meaningful.

Ultimately, the best gifts are those that reflect your partner’s tastes and needs. By combining thoughtful, practical gifts with a nod to tradition, you can create a memorable and meaningful celebration of your fourth wedding anniversary.

Should I follow the traditional “fruit and flowers” theme for a 4 year anniversary gift?

Following the traditional “fruit and flowers” theme for a 4 year anniversary gift can be a lovely and meaningful choice. Traditional anniversary gifts often carry sentimental value and symbolize the growth and blossoming of a relationship. Embracing the traditional fourth anniversary theme allows you to honor this special milestone in a thoughtful and classic way.

However, you can also incorporate modern gift ideas to create a more dynamic and personalized gift. For example, pairing a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a gourmet fruit basket with a piece of fashion jewelry can blend the traditional gift theme with a contemporary twist. This approach ensures that the gift is both heartfelt and practical.

If you prefer to diverge from the traditional theme, there are plenty of modern gift suggestions that can be just as meaningful. Consider high-tech gadgets, personalized items, or experiences that you can enjoy together. These gifts can reflect your partner’s interests and provide lasting memories.

As you continue to celebrate future anniversaries, such as the fifth anniversary (wood), the silver anniversary (25th), or the golden anniversary (50th), you’ll have the opportunity to explore various traditional and modern gift themes. Each anniversary provides a chance to reflect on your journey together and to choose gifts that symbolize your enduring love and commitment.

Ultimately, whether you choose to follow the traditional fruit and flowers theme or opt for a modern gift, the most important aspect is the thought and love behind your gift.

Are there any DIY or homemade gift ideas for a 4 year anniversary?

Yes, there are plenty of DIY or homemade gift ideas that can make your 4 year anniversary special and memorable. Here are some of the best fourth anniversary gifts you can create yourself:

Personalized Flower Arrangement: As the fourth anniversary is traditionally known as the flower anniversary, creating a custom bouquet using your partner’s favorite flowers can be a lovely gift. You can also include a handwritten note with a meaningful message or the anniversary date to add a personal touch.

Homemade Fruit Basket: Put together a basket filled with a variety of fresh, seasonal fruits. You can add a bottle of wine or a small jar of honey to make it even more special. This practical gift not only follows the traditional theme but also shows thoughtfulness.

Memory Scrapbook: Compile a scrapbook filled with photos, mementos, and notes from your wedding day up to your fourth anniversary. Include captions, special memories, and meaningful quotes to create a heartfelt gift that your partner will cherish.

DIY Elephant Themed Gifts: Elephants symbolize strength and loyalty, making them a meaningful gift for your anniversary. Create a custom piece of art, such as a painting or a hand-drawn sketch of an elephant, or make elephant-themed crafts like decorated candles or embroidered pillows.

Homemade Candle: Create a personalized candle with a floral scent to honor the flower anniversary theme. You can even add dried flower petals to the candle for an added touch of beauty and symbolism.

Cook a Special Meal: Prepare a romantic dinner at home with dishes that incorporate fruits and flowers, such as a salad with edible flowers or a dessert with fresh fruit. Set a beautiful table with floral arrangements to enhance the anniversary theme.

Customized Jewelry Box: If your partner enjoys fashion jewelry, consider crafting a personalized jewelry box. You can decorate it with floral designs or engrave it with your anniversary date and a special message.

These DIY and homemade gifts not only reflect the traditional fourth anniversary theme but also demonstrate the effort and love you put into creating something unique and special.

Bottom Line

gift box

Picking the perfect 4th wedding anniversary gift can be challenging. Here are some tips to finding a present your husband or wife will love.

First, think about your spouse. What do they like? Are there hobbies they enjoy? Keep these in mind when shopping. This will help you find a gift that shows you know them well.

Next, remember the 4th anniversary theme. Fruit and flowers are traditional, but you can be creative!

Look for items that use those ideas. Maybe a pretty fruit bowl or flower art? Or even try something new, like a surprise date night. Keep it personal and thoughtful, and you’ll find the perfect gift!

The best gifts come from the heart and are a reflection of the wonderful memories you’ve made together.

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